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What are you playing this weekend?

You have a couple of days off. Celebrate it.

It's the weekend, and it's time to relax and play a video game, or two.

Some of us, me in particular, aren't playing anything this weekend because the PC is still sick. Or something. The lovely motherboard light is glowing orange and blinking slowly, and it won't turn on. So either my RAM is screwed up, the power button magically broke, or the power supply has weakened. I always thought the power supply either went out or just worked, but what do I know about the inner workings of computers? Nothing. I do know how to turn one on, though.

Other members of the VG247 team plan to get their game on this weekend while also spending time away from the screen. Here's what's going on:

Warframe - Cross Platform Play Available Now

Connor Makar, Staff Writer - Warframe

This weekend, I'm afraid to report that once again, Warframe has sunk it's fangs into me. I can't help it, it's the perfect game to just boot up and lose a few hours to. I'm hoping to finally cross off a few long term goals off my list this time around, including finally getting the illusive Wolf Sledge... wouldn't that be nice.

That's kind of the problem with being the live service guy, I think. I seem to be constantly bouncing around the same 5-6 games. I'll get burnt out on one, then just remember another I've not touched in a while and jump right back into that.

With Destiny 2 getting a new update later this month, I'm sure that will be the next big one, which means I should probably make sure I'm geared up enough for it. I promise I'll also try and get some chores done, believe me.

Elden Ring is our GOTY!

Dom Peppiatt, Features Editor – Elden Ring

No, you’re a year behind everyone else. After blitzing my way through Bloodborne (all hail the threaded cane!) and dipping my toe into Dark Souls to celebrate the Return to Lordran annual event, I’ve finally decided to bite the big golden bullet and boot up Elden Ring.

You were all right; it’s sublime. I don’t think I’m quite as smitten with the open world as the world-at-large is, but I really do enjoy the way the world reacts to you, the bizarre lore that underpins everything, and the way you can make your own challenge by plucking at places you really shouldn’t until you’re at least a couple levels stronger.

But my weekend isn’t going to be all tarnished and grateful. Saturday night, I’m heading out to Shepherd’s Bush to (finally) see Dance Gavin Dance live – a band I’ve followed for close to a decade doing a show in my hometown. The delight! The carnage! The nonsense! So, I look forward to bouncing around in the crowd, screaming along to lyrics like “endorphin orphan morphing, lemon cheese equally” or “clip clop, clip clip clop horse comes in and beats your parents up”... whilst thinking about the horse that DID come in and beat me up in Elden Ring. Post-hardcore and video games – together at last.

Civilization 6 - Leader Pass Announcement Trailer

Kelsey Raynor, Guides Writer - Arcade bound!

I'm seeing a friend this weekend who I don't get to see very often, which I'm excited about. They're a big fan of games too, so we're actually going to the arcades! That means we'll inevitably spend most of our time with OutRun 2 SP, or Crazy Taxi.

Beyond that, I'll probably force her to play some Borderlands 2 with me, and will be continuing my never-ending Civilisation 6 campaign when she goes home. I'm currently playing as Scotland and amidst a war with a random city-state, which I'm losing, so wish me luck.

That's pretty much us. What about you? What are you playing this weekend?

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