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Where to find a Honeybeast in Fallout 76

Part hive, part stinger, all terrifying.

Buzzing around the post-nuclear wasteland of Appalachia in Fallout 76 is the terrifying Honeybeast, a giant, mutated honey bee that’s part hive, part stinging insect and all furry monstrosity.

While you take them out like any other eldritch animal in Fallout 76, the Honeybeast has a couple of especially interesting - and deadly - powers that can leave you in a sticky situation.

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First off, its incapacitating sting saps your Strength SPECIAL stat, which can make you start bleeding Action Points from being over-encumbered if you’re flirting with your weight limit.

What’s more, Honeybeasts can also summon smaller insect swarms that persist even after they’re dead. These ferocious throngs of flying nasties have more health than you might expect and can be difficult to hit, making them tough to deal with.

Be sure to pack a decent ranged weapon to pick them off at a distance and be ready to swap to a short-range damage-dumper like a shotgun, since - like most enemies in Fallout 76 - Honeybeasts rush you down, similar to a Mirelurk.

Here’s where we found a Honeybeast in Fallout 76, as well as what we got for doing it.

Where to find a Honeybeast in Fallout 76

We found a Honeybeast in the northeast of Fallout 76’s map in the Toxic Valley.

The map location of a Honeybeast in Fallout 76, in the Toxic Valley area near the Black Bear Lodge
You can find a Honeybeast in the Toxic Lake in the northeast of Fallout 76

It was just south of the Black Bear Hunting Lodge, northeast of Grafton and southeast of Wavy Willard’s Water Park, which you can see as a big alligator on the map.

In the dry, radioactive lake bed, you should be able to see more than one Honeybeast, which may or may not be diseased, so be careful.

Fallout 76 Honeybeast drops

With the Honeybeast slain, we received a few interesting things. Alongside the usual random loot we received what else, but honey. Honey restores a hefty chunk of AP, but is treated as a raw meat with a small disease chance.

The drop inventory of a Honeybeast in Fallout 76, showing a stimpack, honey, gold scrap and excess adhesive
Honey is a sweet treat even in a post-nuclear wasteland

We also continually received gold scrap, so they seem to be a good source of that resource too, as well as excess adhesive, which - as the name suggests - is a great source of adhesive.

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