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July 2018 Archive

    1. No Man's Sky Next on PC is lovely, but suffers performance issues, says Digital Foundry
    2. EA's Origin Access Premier PC subscription is live
    3. Get Battlefield 1: Apocalypse, Battlefield 4: China Rising and Naval Strike free
    4. The Evolution of Symmetra, Overwatch's Most Changed and Divisive Character
    5. Destiny 2: Forsaken – Legendary Collection includes Curse of Osiris, Warmind
    6. Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes - check out the gear, list of Triumphs, more
    7. GTA Online: After Hours update adds Blimp, Enus Stafford, Tale of Us, more
    8. The Sinking City story trailer has a face tentacles problem
    9. Egyptian indie action RPG Knights of Light takes to Kickstarter
    10. Switch has sold 19.67 million units worldwide, Pokemon RPG out "late 2019"
    11. Playground Games expands second team with new hires from BioWare, Rocksteady, Ninja Theory
    12. Monster Hunter World pre-release PC build crashes a lot, Capcom working on a fix
    13. Battlefield 1 is finally getting Xbox One X support in upcoming summer patch
    14. PS4 up to 82.2 million shipped, PlayStation Plus numbers take a hit
    15. Sony Has Shipped 82 Million PS4s, on Track to Surpass Lifetime PS3 Sales by the End of the Year
    16. Chasm Review
    17. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta trailer is our first glimpse at Blackout battle royale mode
    18. Axe of the Blood God Reviews Banner Saga 3
    1. 2018 is the Year for Games We Nearly Forgot Finally Seeing the Light of Day
    2. de Blob 2 is headed to Switch next month
    3. Nintendo eShop summer sale discounts 70+ Switch and 3DS games
    4. Digimon will get a "survival-simulation RPG" in 2019
    5. Rockstar releases new music video, shot entirely in GTA 5
    6. Rainbow Six Siege has a bellend problem
    7. Gran Turismo Sport's latest update adds microtransactions to game
    8. Monster Hunter World for PC replaces squads with Steam groups
    9. Castlevania season 2 trailer shows off bloody monster-fighting action
    10. Portal 2 co-writer returns to Valve
    11. Steam game mines cryptocurrency without players' knowledge, sells TF2 scam items as DLC
    12. World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth story, locations, modes, new abilities, and more - everything you need to know
    13. Monster Hunter World dev explains why the PC version is such a CPU hog
    14. Today is your last chance to get the PUBG PGI Sporty Set skin
    15. Cyberpunk 2077 will deliver a “complex critique” on the world and won’t shy away from politics
    16. Realm Royale beginner's guide and tips: classes, abilities, best weapons explained
    17. Realm Royale - how to get into the PS4 and Xbox One beta
    18. Two Point Hospital preview: a truly worthy successor to an all-time great
    1. Watch Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament play and other titles on the Nintendo UK VS stream today
    1. Monster Hunter World PC: how to enable 1440p and get better performance
    2. Time to Kill is being reduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken PvP
    3. NBA Live 19 features the option to create a female player, demo coming
    4. Short Shadow of the Tomb Raider video shows traversal gameplay
    5. Earth Defense Force 5 is heading west sometime this year
    6. Dauntless expansion The Coming Storm will release in parts
    7. What's Your Favorite Stealth Game?
    1. Here's another look at Monster Hunter World running at 4K on PC
    2. Battlefield 5's grand operations mode will arrive after launch - UPDATE
    3. Epic Games is probably worth $8 billion
    4. Steel Division 2 heads to the massive battlefields of the Eastern Front
    5. Former Quantic Dream employee wins legal case against studio
    6. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory, July 27-30
    7. Games With Gold for August include Forza Horizon 2, For Honor, more
    8. The Banner Saga 3 Review
    9. HTC Vive responds to "VR is dying" claim, says sales are low because they sold out
    10. Fixed-time investigation game The Occupation gets a release date
    11. Get your hands on Rage 2, Elder Scrolls: Blades, and more at gamescom
    12. Marvel Ultimate Alliance games removed from digital platforms
    13. Geralt motion capture actor shows off his sword skills in The Witcher/ Fruit Ninja crossover video
    14. Origin Access Premier service for PC will launch next week
    15. Forza Motorsport 7 is getting rid of loot boxes
    16. EA has removed the On the House program from its Origin service - report
    17. EA is considering a free-to-play battle royale game
    18. Vampyr's summer update rolls out a story and hard mode
    19. Fortnite - Simon Miller tries to complete the shoot clay pigeons challenge with a broken collarbone
    20. H1Z1's official PS4 launch includes a ton of new features
    21. For Honor Season 7 Storm and Fury release date announced
    22. Star Trek Discovery expansion announced for Star Trek Online
    1. Survive a Lovecraftian post-apocalypse in Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
    2. Onrush proceeding with major August update despite layoffs
    3. Pokemon Go is still the undisputed leader of AR games
    4. The Top 25 RPGs of All Time #21: World of Warcraft
    5. Devil's Hunt lets you choose sides in a war between angels and demons
    6. Strange Brigade will have free monthly content and a season pass
    7. Fortnite might be cutting into the profits of major gaming franchises
    8. From The Witcher 3 to Queer Dating Sims: How Writers are Expanding the Boundaries of Video Game Storytelling
    9. Destiny 2 Forsaken's new weapons and armour look freaking spectacular
    10. Celebrate Wrecking Ball's release with a free Overwatch weekend on PC
    11. "This year is all about getting PUBG to be esports ready," says Brendan Greene
    12. NHL 19 is Aggressively Doubling Down on Attracting Casual Fans to the Series
    13. Here's how Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro stacks up to the PC version
    14. The Division's universe will expand with new comics and books
    15. PUBG got a significant boost from last month's Steam sale
    16. Octopath Traveler is at its best when you break it - and it's all thanks to dancing
    17. No Man’s Sky Gravitino Balls - How to Get Gravitino Balls and Where to Farm Gravitino Balls in No Man’s Sky
    18. Star Trek Bridge Crew DLC boldly goes into the Next Generation
    19. Denuvo DRM maker is suing one of its biggest hackers
    20. Dutch Dota 2 players can see what's in their next loot box
    21. Destiny 2's revised weapon slots, bulk shader deletion will be available to all before Forsaken launches
    22. Monster Hunter World looks sharp in first PC gameplay
    23. Rainbow Six Siege's new Villa map is Ubisoft's map design at its best
    1. World of Warcraft's Battle for Azeroth raid will arrive in September
    2. Irony Curtain is a satirical adventure game about surviving cartoon totalitarianism
    3. FIFA 19 Developers Hint at What to Expect From Career Mode While Going Deep on Gameplay Improvements
    4. Rogue Legacy updated for first time in four years
    5. Surgeon Simulator heads to Nintendo Switch with new co-op mode
    6. Fallout Miami mod takes you to a post-apocalyptic Florida
    7. Narrative Paramedics: Meet the Writers Called in to Patch Up Games
    8. Anti-Tamper Software Maker Denuvo Files Lawsuit Against DRM Hacker Voksi
    9. The Most Beautiful Pictures Taken in No Man's Sky
    10. No Man's Sky NEXT - Where to find Chromatic Metal, Pure Ferrite, Sodium Nitrate, Hermetic Seal
    11. FIFA player makes GDPR request for EA info, discovers he spent 16K in two years
    12. 2D Souls-like side-scroller Salt and Sanctuary is coming to Switch
    13. No Man's Sky NEXT FAQs: How to switch to third person, how to use the Refiner, and where is the Sky Fleet Command Room?
    14. “You’re going to see the best facial animation in DMC5 that Capcom has ever produced”
    15. Fortnite's latest patch fixes "ghost peeking" exploit
    16. Fortnite makes $2 million per day on mobile - report
    17. Capcom hints that Dante might cut his hair in Devil May Cry 5
    18. EU PlayStation Store kicks off massive summer sale
    19. FREE! 10,000 closed beta Steam keys for Survived By - the new game from Human Head Studios
    20. Capcom is “proud” of DmC, but Devil May Cry 5 will “expand more on the combat philosophies established in DMC1-4”
    21. No Man’s Sky Saving - How to Save in No Man’s Sky
    22. Former BioWare dev: if Anthem fails, that doesn't mean the studio will close
    23. Comcast Xfinity subscribers can get free Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 private beta keys
    24. You can play GTA Online without a PS Plus account for two weeks
    25. We wanted to “show Nero at his prime” - Capcom gives us the lowdown on Devil May Cry 5’s character redesign
    26. Guacamelee 2 hits PC and PS4 in August
    27. No Man's Sky concurrent Steam player numbers up nearly tenfold thanks to NEXT update
    28. Ghosts, cocaine, fistfights, porn, poop, and police - the untold stories of game development
    29. Steam's new Discord-style chat UI is now live for all
    1. Madden 19 Longshot: Homecoming - Watch the First Hour of the Story
    2. Out of the Wild West: Inside the Evolution of Games Writing
    3. No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Guide - Multiplayer Missions, Join a Game, Play With Friends, Can You Meet Other Players in No Man’s Sky NEXT
    4. 2K Games wants to spend more money on projects, make more games
    5. Fortnite is adding Praise the Sun and Sharks with Lasers from the looks of leaked skins and emotes
    6. No Man's Sky NEXT is double the size of the original game - all the changes and patch notes here
    7. Metal Gear Solid 5 update makes Quiet playable in FOB missions, adds new gadgets
    8. Dragon Ball FighterZ Nintendo Switch beta coming in August, new gameplay for Base Goku and Base Vegeta revealed
    9. No Man's Sky Standing Guide – How to Increase Your Standing with Aliens
    10. Amazon UK drops £2 Prime games pre-order discount
    11. Ghost Recon Wildlands' Rainbow Six Siege crossover mission available now in new patch
    12. Anthem may not support text chat on PC
    13. Microsoft can't yet say if Halo Infinite is an Xbox Play Anywhere title
    14. The Fortnite Birthday Challenges are broken
    15. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gameplay to be shown at PSX Southeast Asia in August
    16. Fortnite Playground LTM guide: how it works, player count, end date, how long you can play for and everything else
    17. Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay shows the largest hub ever in the series
    18. Red Dead Redemption 2 official guide now available for pre-order
    19. Pokemon Quest Cooking, Recipes and Ingredients: recipe list and stews to attract every type of Pokemon
    20. Microsoft's next-gen Xbox Scarlett family includes traditional console, streaming device - report
    21. GTA Online After Hours: here's all the new vehicles, prices, drones, party bus, blimp, weapons and more
    22. GTA Online After Hours update is live now
    23. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 Review
    1. Mega Man: Fully Charged Looks Weird and Different and Long-Time Mega Man Fans Will Have to Deal With It
    2. This LEGO Fortnite Battle Royale fan video should be an actual game
    3. Fortnite Playground mode returns this week
    4. No Man's Sky - How to Name Planets and Star Systems
    5. Fallout 76 beta kicks off this October
    6. Pokemon Go unveils easy-to-power "Lucky Pokemon"
    7. Speedrunner beats all 5 Fallout games in 90 minutes
    8. The best arcade sticks for PS4, PC and Xbox - perfect for Street Fighter, Dragon Ball, Soulcalibur and more
    9. Silent Hill 2 players uncover hidden features 17 years later
    10. Rainbow Six Siege Operator tier ranks - the best and worst Attackers and Defenders
    11. No Man's Sky NEXT update release time, multiplayer, Xbox One, PC, PS4
    12. Epic responds to Fortnite Summer Skirmish cheating accusations
    13. "Game design is like architecture" - video game jobs described by those who do them
    14. Shadow of War demo hits PC, 66% off sale almost over
    15. Pokemon Let's Go adds requirement system to challenge gym leaders
    16. Destiny 2 players uncover secret mission that leads to new Exotic weapon
    17. Onrush studio gutted by Codemasters, handful of senior staff laid off
    18. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth gives the MMO a darker tone and a refresh, but can it topple Legion?
    19. Nintendo is suing two big ROM sites
    20. Overwatch Wrecking Ball - tactics and counters according to the lead designer
    21. Check out the new Shark-themed cosmetics in Fortnite
    22. How Wrecking Ball went from junkyard magnet to mech-driving hamster - an Overwatch ‘Making Of’
    23. PES 2019 demo gets a release date
    1. World of WarCraft is Relevant as Ever After Nearly 14 Years
    1. FPS The Cycle is a PvPvE title in the works at Yager, closed alpha starts soon
    2. It's morphin' time for Ryu in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Street Fighter Showdown
    3. Valve's attending gamescom 2018 but we're not sure what it's showing
    4. Breath of the Wild content confirmed for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in the west
    5. Twitch Prime August games: Jotun, Steamworld Dig, Spa Day PUBG skins
    6. Over 95,000 Steam bans occurred this week, breaking last year's record
    7. The Walking Dead: The Final Season - check out the first 15 minutes of Episode 1
    8. Resident Evil 2 Collector’s Edition announced for North America
    9. Capcom discusses Resident Evil 2 redesign and revamped looks for Claire and Leon
    1. What Game is Currently Getting You Through the Summer?
    2. 2 Milly Says His Dance Used in Fortnite Emote "Basically Stolen," Working With Attorneys to Reach Epic
    3. PUBG mask pulled, AI bot renamed over designs attributed to Imperial Japan
    4. GTA Online Has an Inflation Problem
    5. Fortnite birthday celebration kicks off next week with free cosmetics, more
    6. Series staple Voldo confirmed for Soulcalibur 6
    7. Stardew Valley multiplayer update will be released in August
    8. New Overwatch maps will better support Wrecking Ball’s abilities, but Blizzard future proofs every arena it creates
    9. The best Witcher 3: Wild Hunt texture mod just got better
    10. Pokemon Go Zapdos Day: raid tips to get a Shiny Zapdos with Thundershock
    11. Sonic Mania Encore DLC's Denuvo implementation reportedly to blame for problems Steam users are facing
    12. Wild developer Wild Sheep Studio hiring for various positions at Montpellier-based studio
    13. Sorry, Blizzard won’t change Wrecking Ball’s name to Hammond
    14. PUBG's Metal Rain event mode brings back the flare gun
    15. Spider-Man Comic-Con story trailer shows new take on Silver Sable, final pre-order suit
    16. Free Mario Kart 8 Deluxe update adds Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link and his motorcycle
    17. Why Blizzard decided to give Sombra infinite invisibility in an upcoming Overwatch patch
    18. Spyro Reignited Trilogy lets you switch between classic and remastered soundtracks, original composer returns
    19. Ghost Recon Wildlands July update adds permadeath, solo mode, new PvP maps and more
    20. Exclusive: Say goodbye to Molten Core and hello to throwable, self-upgrading turrets in Overwatch’s Torbjörn rework
    21. Take a look at the limited edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle
    22. Dragon Ball FighterZ leads Evo 2018 registrations, barely snatching Street Fighter's crown
    23. Monster Hunter World was great at launch, but its post-launch evolution means it's better than ever
    1. Horizon Zero Dawn success leads to big new office and expansion for Guerrilla
    2. Xbox software and services revenue up 36%, gaming revenue up 39% to $643M
    3. Overwatch support class overhaul nerfs Mercy and Brigitte, buffs the rest
    4. Bethesda's Todd Howard isn't interested in a Morrowind remaster
    5. Little Dragons Cafe is a Management Sim About Second Chances From the Creator of Harvest Moon
    6. THQ Nordic announces line-up for gamescom 2018, two new games to be revealed
    7. PUBG Charity Showdown will see $1 million donated to charity
    8. GTA Online After Hours brings back fan-favorite character Gay Tony
    9. Islands of Nyne: the fast-paced battle royale shooter for people who don’t like Fortnite
    10. Dauntless open beta has over two million players
    11. Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum mid-season patch brings major balance changes to many operators
    12. The Culling 2 removed from sale following an unsuccessful launch - The Culling 1.0 re-released
    13. "The only BR we're interested in is Battle Rifle," says 343 on possibility of battle royale mode in Halo Infinite
    14. Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 2 will both use Denuvo
    15. Sony opens up beta registration for next PS4 firmware update
    16. VG247 pulls support and coverage of following pro GamerGate tweet
    1. Here are the 5 Weirdest Final Fantasy XV Mods
    2. Two Point Hospital releases in August and is available for pre-order
    3. Call of Cthulhu gets October release date
    4. Microsoft: "All-new Xbox hardware", 25 games coming to Gamescom next month [Update]
    5. Bonuses earned during Pokemon Go Fest available worldwide
    6. God of War developer is hiring character artists to design gods and monsters for next game
    7. The World of Warcraft subscription now includes access to previously released content
    8. For 3 years in a row, Ubisoft had the first half of the year on lockdown
    9. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT datamine discovers references to a slew of new characters including Tifa, Zack and Vivi
    1. Somebody sold repackaged GOG copies of Frostpunk and Surviving Mars on Amazon
    2. Far Cry 5 players can now get Lost on Mars and stomp space spiders
    3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies features time travel, zombie tigers, a magic staff
    4. Fear the Wolves early access delayed, closed beta extended
    5. Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes: new armor to upgrade, Redux Missions, engrams, more
    6. Ubisoft reports record Q1, announces date for South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC
    7. Octopath Traveler retail shortages due to demand elicits apology from Square Enix
    8. Middle-earth: Shadow of War update features host of improvements, free content
    9. Destiny 2 update 1.2.3 live: Prestige Raid Lairs, 6v6 playlist, Armor changes, more
    10. Ubisoft working to resolve connection issues related to DDoS attacks
    11. The Division 2 is a "New Hardcore Type of Experience" For Veteran Players, Says Producer
    12. Hitman Summer Pack is live, play Episode 3: Marrakesh free for a limited time
    13. Halo Wars 2 still gets some odd 30,000 players every week
    14. Fortnite content update v5.0 adds Submachine Gun, Typewriter Assault Rifle - but removes the Tactical SMG
    15. Bug hunt - Aliens: Colonial Marines developer Gearbox is hiring someone to fix typos
    16. Overwatch game director says Endorsements, Looking for Group already a success
    17. PUBG PC test patch brings QBU and Rony to Sanhok, makes custom matches available to all
    18. Nathan Fillion is not playing Cayde-6 in Destiny 2: Forsaken, and doesn't believe he's really dead
    19. Mystic Messenger: V route chat times schedule Days 5 to 11 (Another Story mode)
    20. Mystic Messenger: Another Story chat times schedule (Days 1-4)
    21. Sonic Mania cheats: debug mode, level select, unlockables and more
    22. Today only, Twitch Prime subscribers can claim this free Deadmau5 PUBG crate
    23. Sonic Mania Plus review: a modern classic refined
    1. Why I Got Back Into Pokemon Go
    2. We Happy Few's latest trailer introduces new playable characters
    3. Axe of the Blood God Reviews Octopath Traveler!
    4. War Tech Fighters sends its mechs out of early access this July
    5. Nathan Fillion stars in this impressively fun Uncharted fan film
    6. GTFO's scariest enemy is barely visible to the naked eye
    7. Hunt: Showdown update adds some lovely stealth weapons
    8. Fallout 4 mod Northern Springs takes you to a winter wasteland
    9. Van Damme was "coked out of his mind" during filming of Street Fighter movie, says director
    10. Germany bans vague release dates for pre-orders
    11. Fortnite player pulls off successful loop using a golf cart
    12. Sean Murray is impressed with No Man's Sky renders for Amiga
    13. Last chance to get Battlefield 1: Turning Tides, Battlefield 4: Second Assault for free
    14. Forza Horizon 4's second gameplay livestream scheduled for Tuesday
    15. Fortnite's Season 5 v5.0 patch added motion controls to Nintendo Switch, autofire to iOS
    16. Destiny 2 Forsaken: here's a look at The Scorn, the new enemy faction
    17. PUBG's Sanhok map is getting a new DMR and a new vehicle soon
    18. Battlefield 5 open beta scheduled for early September, DICE shares what it learned from closed alpha
    1. Monster Hunter World Behemoth gameplay shows what looks like a hard fight
    2. Instant bans being handed to Rainbow Six Siege players who use slurs
    1. Summer Twilight Fest is live in Monster Hunter World
    2. Konami shuts down P.T. PC remake and offers creator an internship
    3. Modder significantly improved Aliens: Colonial Marines AI by fixing a typo
    4. Fortnite Summer Skirmish - watch the $250K Duos Tournament here
    5. What's Your Favorite Sprite-Based RPG from the Era That Inspired Octopath Traveler?
    1. Warhammer Vermintide 2 Producer: Xbox One Cross-Play and Mod Support Are Not Currently Planned
    2. All 8 of Octopath Traveler's Characters Ranked from Worst to Best
    3. Co-op shooter Earthfall out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One
    4. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory, July 13-16
    5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer and Blackout betas detailed, dated
    6. Battlefield 5 is learning from the success of PUBG, trading cinematic lustre for the more satisfying player-driven moments
    7. Cities: Skylines, Darksiders, others added to Origin; Sims 4 hits EA Access
    8. Epic is reducing its cut from Unreal Engine asset store sales because of Fortnite's massive success
    9. Actor Nathan Fillion is teasing some Uncharted-related announcement
    10. Bounties are coming back to Destiny 2 with next week's update
    11. Fortnite Season 5: watch human protein tub Simon Miller RAMPAGE across the new map
    12. Valve officially blocks Counter-Strike: GO players in Belgium and the Netherlands from opening loot boxes
    13. Watch Bungie show off and detail every new super in Destiny 2: Forsaken
    14. Nintendo wants hefty fee to repair Switch's seemingly common cracked plastic fault
    1. Darksiders 3 studio announces Remnant: From the Ashes - a third-person survival-shooter
    2. The Bard’s Tale 4: Barrows Deep release date set for September on PC
    3. USgamer Stream: Team USgamer on Fortnite Season 5 [Done!]
    4. Commandos IP acquired by Kalypso, remasters and new releases planned
    5. Monster Hunter World cross-over event with Final Fantasy 14 dated - here's the details
    6. Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Eevee - exclusive Pokemon, story, gameplay, online details
    7. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery adds Multiplayer duelling for a limited time
    8. Xbox One 1810 firmware brings Dolby Vision support for streaming
    9. Octopath Traveler reviews round-up, all the scores
    10. Steam's Upcoming Releases page has been made more personal
    11. Fortnite toys: how to play basketball, golf, beach ball and unlock the Fancy toys
    12. Octopath Traveler review: beautiful, brilliant and flawed - but still a solid Japanese RPG throwback
    13. WW2 shooter Battalion 1944 gets big update that overhauls graphics, matchmaking, adds new mode
    14. Star Wars fans only really want to know more about the universe than their friends, says EA's Jade Raymond
    15. Warhammer Vermintide 2 weapon traits and item traits: every bonus trait effect detailed
    16. Watch 11 minutes of new Darksiders 3 gameplay
    17. Fortnite Season 5: Here's your first look at the new skins, gliders, pickaxes and back bling
    18. Warhammer Vermintide 2 Loot System primer: character progression, how drops work, and cosmetics
    19. Warhammer Vermintide 2 character classes guide: all hero careers, subclasses and skills
    20. Ellie has an NPC companion in The Last of Us Part 2
    21. Fortnite Season 5 v5.0 Patch Notes: All Terrain Kart vehicle added for squads, more
    1. Rocket League and Vermintide 2 now available through Xbox Game Pass
    2. Fortnite Summer Skirmish series kicks off this weekend with $8 million prize pool
    3. Pokemon Go datamine reveals new Pokemon in regular and shiny forms
    4. Sea of Thieves event The Sunken Curse kicked off today, runs through July 25
    5. No Man’s Sky video details 11 things that have changed since launch
    6. The Last of Us Part 2 Will Give Ellie Her Own NPC Companion
    7. NPD predicts Switch will be the best-selling console of the year
    8. CD Projekt CEO Confirms Witcher Sequel, But It's Not The Witcher 4
    9. Fortnite Season 5: start date, release time, map changes, skins and more
    10. Players will "conduct crazed experiments" when Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project releases
    11. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker review: an absolute joy on Switch, but as bare bones a port as they come
    12. A new The Witcher game could be in the works, but it won’t be called The Witcher 4
    13. After playing with a blatant cheater, popular PUBG Twitch streamer Shroud gets 30-day ban
    14. Stop buying Skyrim ports if you want Bethesda to stop making them, says Todd Howard
    15. "We agree with the criticisms of the game that many of you have made recently," says PUBG Corp.
    16. Code Vein pushed back to 2019
    1. Destiny 2: Forsaken - darker story, enemies, dynamic content, the Dreaming City - what we know so far
    2. Phase two of the Minecraft Aquatic update has arrived - with turtles
    3. Here's a look at Mighty, Ray and Encore Mode in Sonic Mania Plus
    4. Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC releases next week
    5. Overwatch players still experiencing issues after DDoS attack
    6. Ultimate Custom Night Controls and Roster - What to do with every Animatronic
    7. Dark Souls Remastered patch 1.03 fixes some bugs
    8. Pilot a mech to punch other mechs and level cities in Override: Mech City Brawl
    9. Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut coming to Nintendo Switch
    10. Amy Hennig doesn't fault EA for cancelling Visceral's Star Wars game
    11. LawBreakers' reception is partially responsible for the cancellation of Warframe dev's The Amazing Eternals
    12. Titanfall Online, the Korean free-to-play off-shoot, has been cancelled
    13. What’s the deal with Death Stranding’s throat babies?
    14. The Division 2 can be played entirely solo
    15. Monster Hunter: World PC will look about as good as it does on PS4/Xbox, won't feature mod support or cross play
    1. When I Played Pokemon on IRC and Still More Summer Gaming Memories
    2. Chasm is a procedurally-generated Metroidvania game launching this month
    3. Warframe has two expansions and surface-to-space combat planned
    4. Darksiders 3 is available to pre-order on Xbox One
    5. Smash Bros director thinks Melee was "too technical", Ultimate will be accessible
    6. Initial Thoughts on Octopath Traveler Ahead of the Review
    7. This real-life Fortnite supply lama was spotted in London
    8. Mario Tennis Aces' Entire Roster, Ranked
    9. Fortnite's first official teaser for Season 5 has only added to players' speculation over time travel theme
    10. Fortnite Week 9 challenges - here's how to get your XP and Battle Stars
    11. Fornite: Search the center of Named Locations in a single match
    12. Fortnite: Haunted Hills Treasure Map Location - how to follow the treasure map found in Haunted Hills
    13. Fortnite: where to search for 7 Hungry Gnomes
    14. Fortnite: search between a Bear, Crater and a Refrigerator Shipment - where to find the hidden Battle Star
    15. Monster Hunter World launches for Steam this Summer - here's the system requirements
    16. Fortnite: Pleasant Park Treasure Map location - Follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park
    17. Fortnite: Score on different pitches - Where to find all the football/soccer fields in Fortnite
    18. Ingress, the previous game from Pokemon Go dev Niantic, is getting a Netflix anime series
    19. Netflix isn't planning a God of War series, but game director would like one
    20. Fortnite: Search between a Playground, Campsite, and a Footprint
    21. Fortnite: Spray over Carbide or Omega Posters - All Carbide and Omega poster locations
    22. Fortnite: Greasy Grove Treasure Map Location - Follow the treasure map found in Greasy Grove
    23. Fortnite: Dance with others to raise the Disco Ball near Loot Lake
    24. Fortnite Week 4 Challenges: how to get XP, V-bucks and Battle Stars
    25. Steam data leak reveals Team Fortress 2 has largest player count
    26. Fortnite: how to visit the center of different storm circles in a single match
    27. Fortnite: where to search between a Bench, Ice Cream Truck and a Helicopter
    28. Fortnite Week 3 Challenges: how to earn bonus XP, battle stars and extra V-Bucks
    29. Fortnite: Search Rubber Duckies - How to find 10 quacking rubber ducks in Fortnite
    30. Fortnite: Salty Springs treasure map location
    31. Dying Light 2's lead designer talks about the game's new engine, emergent combat system, and narrative
    32. Fortnite Week 2 Challenges - how to earn extra XP and Battle Stars
    33. Tencent plans to take Steam competitor WeGame worldwide
    34. Fortnite: where to dance in front of 7 different film cameras
    35. Fortnite: where to search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen
    36. Fortnite: where to follow the treasure map found in Tomato Town
    37. Fortnite - Where to find and how to search F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E Letters
    38. Gamecube emulator Dolphin is is up and running on Switch
    39. Anthem's damage "floaties" can be customised or completely disabled
    40. Fire Emblem Heroes' A Sketchy Summer event adds four new special heroes
    41. Nathan Drake doesn’t actually take bullet damage in the Uncharted series
    42. Warframe is coming to Nintendo Switch from the devs who did the Doom and Wolfenstein ports
    1. Pokemon Go has surpassed $1.8 billion in revenue worldwide
    2. Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph event kicks off ahead of Solstice of Heroes
    3. Real-world Fortnite Durr Burger found in the desert with other mysterious props
    4. PUBG map selection hits Xbox One late summer/early fall, limb penetration in the works
    5. Yakuza Kiwami 2 demo now available through the PlayStation Store
    6. Destiny 2 is free to play this weekend on PC
    7. Monster Hunter World PC release date to be announced July 9
    1. What's Your Favorite Puzzle Game?
    2. Pikachu gets "summer style" variant to celebrate Pokemon Go's birthday
    3. Pokemon Quest has been downloaded 7.5 million times
    4. Nintendo Switch hack is letting porn creep into Super Mario Odyssey
    5. Jurassic World Evolution is already a Steam best-seller
    6. Fortnite has plans to make Playground a permanent mode
    7. The Witcher tabletop RPG, created by Cyberpunk designers, headed to Gen Con
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    9. Castlevania Season 2 arrives on Netflix just in time for Halloween
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    24. Plushies of all Original 151 Pokemon are Coming This Year
    25. Fortnite Playground LTM ends July 12, minor changes coming in next update
    1. Xbox One July update lets you start playing games faster
    2. Dead Island 2 still happening, Survivors is just a spin-off
    3. This Witcher 3 fan trailer takes a few notes from Avengers Infinity War
    4. Kingdom Come Deliverance's first DLC turns game into a village management sim
    5. Hollow Knight sold over 1 million copies on PC
    6. Conan Exiles is now the biggest selling game in Funcom's 25 year history
    7. Skyrim still has millions of players each month
    8. New Soulcalibur 6 trailer reintroduces Talim, last priestess of the winds
    9. The Division 2 lets you unlock mods instead of waiting on loot drops
    10. Sega is building an amazing 1-1 scale Border Break mech that will set the record for largest plastic mecha model
    11. Old School Runescape for mobile devices enters beta
    12. Fear the Wolves has an early access release date to be afraid of
    13. Bethesda: service-based games like Fallout 76 don't mark the future
    14. Gotta go fast: official Sonic curry gives you blue turds
    15. Assassin's Creed: next-gen could feature multiple historic timelines in one game
    16. French gambling regulator rules that loot boxes in video games are not a form of gambling
    17. Castlevania Netflix season 2 announcement being teased by official Twitter account
    18. Psyonix has no plans for Rocket League 2, preferring to "expand the existing" game instead
    1. Semblance is about reshaping a "playdough" world to solve puzzles
    2. Sea of Thieves' weekly update celebrates Banjo-Kazooie
    3. Far Cry 5 reveals Lost On Mars achievements
    4. Bethesda is not working on Skyrim mods for Nintendo Switch
    5. A Way Out dev's next game will be published by EA
    6. Fortnite's mobile version earned more than PUBG with half the downloads
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    9. Far Cry 5 gets a photo mode in the latest update
    10. Pokemon Quest has made $3 million in its first week on mobile
    11. Skyrim: Very Special Edition is playable on smart toilets
    12. Dead Island Survivors is mobile tower defense with zombies
    13. PUBG Sanhok exploit has been patched out in latest PC update
    14. Nintendo will be launching unannounced Switch titles this fall
    15. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection will bring Arcade classics to Switch
    16. Call of Cthulhu's stars align for a new release window
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    3. Twitch deals out month-long bans to streamers using offensive slurs
    4. We Happy Few no longer banned in Australia, gains R18+ rating
    5. Call of Duty: WW2 rolls out gun-tastic gameplay mode for new community event
    6. GTA Online celebrates Independence Day with sales and explosions
    7. Dragon Ball FighterZ beats Street Fighter 5 in CEO Twitch streams
    8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is getting a patch that lets players fully customise their experience
    9. Destiny: Guardians is Korea's Destiny 2 with a new microtransaction merchant
    10. From pen and paper to Dying Light 2 - Chris Avellone wants to flip the RPG script
    11. Ubisoft releases Assassin's Creed Odyssey musical theme as a single
    12. Pokemon GO releases Corsola to apologise for Dortmund woes
    13. Planet Coaster Vintage Pack recreates the golden age of amusement parks
    14. Vampyr's latest PC patch makes it easier to switch between targets
    15. Fortnite wants you to make superhero movies for its Blockbuster contest
    16. You can’t download Heavy Rain for free on PS Plus if you own Beyond: Two Souls
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    18. Fortnite Content Update V4.5 adds Drum Gun as part of its throwback to the 1920s
    19. Fortnite virus in V-bucks hack has been downloaded 78,000 times
    20. Twitch Prime members are getting a free game every day in the run up to Amazon Prime Day
    21. P.T. gets a new remake on PC that dev says will be the only one that will get completed
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    23. Hitman 2 shows you a grid on the floor where security cameras are looking
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    25. Hitman 2 will have six locations at launch
    26. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is the fastest selling Switch game this year in the UK
    27. Shenmue and Shenmue 2 HD release date set for next month
    28. No, GTA 6 is not coming in 2019, says Rockstar after GTA Online hoax
    29. Fallout 76 players under level 5 can't be killed in PvP and fast travel is in
    30. Fornite Playground LTM is finally live
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