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Warhammer Vermintide 2 weapon traits and item traits: every bonus trait effect detailed

Weapon Traits can seriously change the way you play Vermintide 2, and there's quite a few of them. Here's how they all work.

A major part of the character progression and build process in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is the concept of weapon traits. These special bonus stats can improve your abilities quite a bit, and crucially they can help to determine and shape your entire approach to combat. Each trait is unique and will play into certain types of play - so it's important to understand them all as you plan out your strategy for dealing with the enemy hordes.

Weapon traits are a major reason why you might want to go grinding for loot or attempt to game Vermintide 2's loot system, in fact, since grinding to get a weapon with the trait you want to drop might be very tempting. On this page, we're going to run down the weapon and item gear traits, listing each and explaining what they do - ideal for you planning how to best approach things with your character class of choice.

Melee Weapon Traits

These traits can be found on any melee weapon. Remember, each melee weapon type in the game is unique to a specific character, so these can't be transferred between characters.

  • Heroic Intervention - Assisting an ally under attack grants both players a damage absorption shield for a short time
  • Off Balance - Blocking an attack increases the damage the attacker takes by 50% for 3.0 seconds
  • Opportunist - Increases push strength by 50% when used against an attacking enemy
  • Parry - Timed blocks reduce stamina cost by 100%
  • Resourceful Combatant - Melee critical hits reduces the remaining cooldown of your career skill by 2.0%
  • Swift Slaying - Critical hits increases attack speed by 20% for 5.0 seconds

Ranged Weapon Traits

As with the above, these ranged weapon traits can appear on any ranged weapon, but remember that each ranged weapon is unique to a specific hero.

  • Barrage - Consecutive attacks against the same targets boosts attack power by 5.0% for 5.0 seconds
  • Conservative Shooter - Headshots replenish 1.0 ammo
  • Heat Sink - Critical hits remove 4.0 overcharge
  • Hunter - Critical hits increase attack power by 25% against targets with the same armor class for a short time
  • Inspirational Shot - Headshots restores stamina to nearby allies
  • Resourceful Sharpshooter - Ranged critical hits reduces the remaining cooldown of your career skill by 2.0%
  • Scrounger - Critical hits restore 2.0 ammo
  • Thermal Equalizer - Weapon generates 20.0% less overheat

Charm Traits

In Vermintide 2 charms all relate to the use of potions, something you'll be doing a lot in order to stay alive. As such their item traits are related to potion consumption...

  • Concoction - Drinking a potion grants the effect of all other potions. Duration reduced by 50%
  • Decanter - Increased duration of potions by 50%
  • Home Brewer - 25% chance to not consume potion on use
  • Proxy - Consuming a potion spread the effect to the nearest ally

Necklace Traits

Necklaces are an extra form of protection, and while they're not much in the armor their traits do allow you to heal naturally in some interesting ways, providing vital life-saving buffs.

  • Barkskin - Reduces damage taken by 50% for 10.0 seconds after using healing supplies
  • Boon of Shallya - Increases effectiveness of healing on you by 30%
  • Hand of Shallya - Healing an ally with a medpack also heals you for 35.0% of your missing health
  • Healer's Touch - 25% chance not to consume healing item on use
  • Natural Bond - Grants passive health regeneration but can no longer heal yourself

Trinket Traits

Trinkets refer to the gadgets you can pick up and use throughout the world of Vermintide 2, though for the most part this refers to explosives and grenades that are used to blast enemies to shreds. The gear traits match that...

  • Explosive Ordnance - Increases grenade explosion radius by 50%
  • Grenadier - 25% chance to not consume grenade on use
  • Shrapnel - Increases damage taken by bombed targets by 20% for 10 seconds.

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