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Destiny 2: Forsaken - darker story, enemies, dynamic content, the Dreaming City - what we know so far

As players traverse the Tangled Shore in Destiny 2: Forsaken, they will find the story to be darker, and the enemies rather formidable.

Players will be hunting the eight barons and Uldren in Destiny 2: Forsaken, and here, the storyline will take a rather dark turn.

We kind figured as much during E3 2018 when Bungie released a trailer showing Cayde-6 being murdered by that bastard Uldren Sov.

The majority of Forsaken will take place on the Tangled Shore located on the Reef, which is made up of various asteroids mashed together.

Bungie likens the area to a lawless frontier where the eight Barons have escaped the Prison of Elders. Basically, a sci-fi western, if you will.  Listen to the development team discuss the story in the video below.

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In Destiny 2: Forsaken, players will also visit the Dreaming City, which is where the Awoken hail. Here is where the raid in Forsaken takes place. Called The Keep of New Voices, it will contain "more bosses than any raid" before, according to Bungie.

Along with the city's own story aspects, the raid in the Dreaming City will also contribute to the overall narrative. Interestingly, the city will also evolve over a series of weeks as interactions with the raid influence its evolution, according to Game Informer.

The Dreaming City is also where players can experience weekly, dynamic content and it is roughly the size of Nessus. Similar to the Dreadnaught, the city will contain plenty of long-lost secrets pertaining to the Awoken. Players won't gain access to the area until after the campaign is finished.

If you watch the video below, Arekkz goes over what we know so far about the Dreaming City, and what to expect.

Various enemies will be encountered while on the Reef on both the Tangles Shore and in the Dreaming City. These include our old friends the Taken, and the recently announced Scorn faction.

The latter are basically a horde of infected Fallen, but they look very different from the others because they are essentially mutants.

These enemies will not take cover, and are the most aggressive in the franchise to date in terms of AI, per Game Informer.

According to Destinypedia, the various forces players will encounter are:

  • Screeb - A breed of Scorn Fallen corrupted by Dark Ether. They move about on all fours and explode in a burst of energy larger than a Cursed Thrall's explosion.
  • Stalker - Dregs reanimated by the Scorn's power. There is also an Enforcer version of this enemy.
  • Ravager - This enemy charges at the player and carries around some sort of cauldron of death.
  • Wraith - Scorn bandits who weild dual Flame Torches.
  • Raider - Scorn bandits that fire Void energy saws from Sawblade Launchers. They can also teleport across the battlefield.
  • Lurker - A new class of Scorn Fallen pirates who use Fallen Shields and Solar Pistols against the player.
  • Mongrel - A large Ogre-like Scorn which produces electricity from their hands. There is a Deranged Abomination version of this enemy.
  • Chieftain - These are the commanders of the various Scorn armies. Watch out for the multi-element totem they place, as it is both a weapon and a shield for the Scorn.

Sounds like Destiny 2 players will have plenty of enemies to fight, items and secrets to collect, and places to explore when Forsaken releases on September 4.

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