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Ghost Recon Wildlands' Rainbow Six Siege crossover mission available now in new patch

Ghost Recon Wildlands' July update, dubbed Special Operation 2, brings a new free PvE mission.

This new Ghost Recon Wildlands mission, much like the Splinter Cell one before it, is a crossover with another Ubisoft game. This time, the mission involves operators from Rainbow Six Siege.

Called Operation Archangel, the mission sees Twitch teaming up with the Ghosts to locate Caveira, after she disappeared without a trace. Caveira is a Siege operator herself. She was once part of the criminal underground in Brazil, and is believed to have returned back to her roots.

The mission takes place in Caimanes, and completing it will net you the Caveira Gloves. Outside of their cosmetic value, the gloves also unlock a special CQC move that forces an enemy to reveal nearby teammates when used against them.

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The mission is available in a free update, which released earlier today. It's a big one, too, at just below 18GB for consoles/Uplay, and 6GB on Steam. The update also adds the new permadeath PvE Ghost Mode, two new PvP classes, a new map, and revamps the Prestige system.

There's also a host of new cosmetic items, some of which are inspired by Caveira, not to mention new weapons in the store. With the exception of the free Rainbow Six Siege mission, the rest of the content is exclusive to Year 2 season pass holders for a week.

Head to the official Ghost Recon Wildlands site for the full list of patch notes.

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