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Ghost Recon Wildlands July update adds permadeath, solo mode, new PvP maps and more

Special Operation 2 is the name of Ghost Recon Wildlands' upcoming update, due for release next week.

The new Ghost Recon Wildlands patch will hit on Tuesday, July 24. This is the second of four updates in the game's second year of live content, and it brings quite a few interesting features.

First, the update adds Ghost Mode. This permadeath mode can be used with any difficulty, but it will create a new character for you. You'll spawn with one primary weapon, and reloading will discard unused bullets in the magazine. Friendly fire is also always on in Ghost Mode.

Ubisoft is promising special rewards for players brave enough to play it, though these will be revealed later. PvE players are also getting a new mission as part of the update.

True Solo mode is exactly what it sounds like, finally allowing players to turn off AI teammates completely. The Prestige system is also being overhauled, and players can now earn Prestige Credits in the campaign, as well as obviously in Ghost War PvP.

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Ghost War itself is getting a bunch of new updates. The victory screen is returning, letting the winning team show off in style. Ghost War is also getting two new maps and an Observer mode.

As part of the updated Prestige system, Ghost War will feature daily challenges that will reward Prestige Credits.

Outside of these big additions, you'll also find new cosmetic and customisation items in the store, including new voice lines, emotes etc.

All of the Special Operation 2 content will be available to Year 2 Pass holders on July 24, before it's unlocked for everyone else a week later.

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