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FREE! 10,000 closed beta Steam keys for Survived By - the new game from Human Head Studios

Human Head's new game Survived By has just gone into closed beta and we have lots of keys to giveaway.

Survived By is a permadeath free-to-play bullet-hell MMO, developed by Human Head and published by Warframe.

It's a hectic shooter where every death leaves one of your descendants to continue your legacy, making you a little less prone to die. The latest update to Survived By features a 10-player raid dungeon, hard mode dungeons, an all-new customisation system and upgraded visuals from the alpha. Take a look at it below:

Watch on YouTube

All you have to do to grab 1 of 10,000 Steam keys is to subscribe to the VG247 YouTube channel using the button below and you can then redeem the key on Steam in the usual way.

Have fun!

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