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Real-world Fortnite Durr Burger found in the desert with other mysterious props

Looks like Fortnite players have a real-life ARG on their hands, and it's a very savvy one on Epic's part.

A life-sized version of the Fortnite Durr Burger mascot has appeared in the desert outside of Paldale, California.

While out scouting a location, photographer Sela Shiloni came across the Durr Burger mascot sitting in the desert. Shiloni doesn't play Fortnite, and had no clue what the heck he had run across. After posting his findings on Twitter, he was soon brought up to speed.

Along with the Greasy Grove's giant hamburger, a retro-style police car is also located in the area along with sign which reads: "This site is unstable. Beware of possible effects." There's also a nearby tent with camouflage netting with its own sign reading: "If you can read this you're in range of the anomaly."

After the Durr Burger made waves on Twitter, DooM Clan headed out to see the mascot for themselves and livestreamed  it. While there, a person near the entrance to the massive burger handed them a card. The same thing occurred when Twitter user A2K K1Lo visited the site, and the card featured a phone number and the back of it read Agent #3678.


Fortnite Durr Burger

PC Gamer called the phone number listed and heard a recording mimicking what's heard in-game when an object is sucked into the rift.

Fortnite players have noticed many things disappearing from the game ever since last Saturday’s Blast Off event concluded.  The giant crack which appeared over Moisty Mire during the rocket launch has continued to grow, and various objects have been sucked into it.

The motel sign and the giant tomato head in Tomato Town are two other objects which have vanished. Maybe those will be found by folks soon considering Season 4 is about to wrap up.

Fortnite Season 5 will start on July 12 and run through September 20.

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