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War Tech Fighters sends its mechs out of early access this July

War Tech Fighters, a space action game of giant robots, will be in a finished state on July 25, 2018.

Mechs may be the most improbable weapon of war ever conceived by science-fiction, but you have to admit - watching them in action looks fantastic. That's one reason to be excited for War Tech Fighters, the new space action game leaving early access this month.

War Tech Fighters is a single-player game from Drakkar Dev and Green Man Gaming Publishing, clearly inspired by popular mech anime. It follows a one-sided war between rebel colonies and the powerful Zatros empire, which starts to turn when Captain Nathan Romanis is given control of a personal War Tech.

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Across 33 single-player missions, players will be able to control a powerful War Tech. Combat can switch from ranged missile-based combat, or you can get up close and deal melee damage with giant swords. War Techs are customizable, and allow players to equip a variety of perks and upgrades as the story progresses.

"War Tech Fighters is our love letter to both Japanese Anime and Hollywood Blockbusters - it genuinely sits somewhere between the two," CEO of Drakko Dev Manlio Greco said in a statement. "It’s amazing watching people engage in full-scale battles, switching between guns and missiles from a distance before darting in for some up close and personal combat. It enables real variety in play, which is mirrored in the huge amount of time gamers spend customising their mechs to add a real signature style to their play."

War Tech Fighters is out now in early access, but will support its full range of features starting on July 25, 2018. Players will also be able to purchase it from Steam at a 50% discount on launch week.

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