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"We agree with the criticisms of the game that many of you have made recently," says PUBG Corp.

PUBG Corp. has pushed a new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds patch to test servers on PC.

Patch #17.1 is small, bringing fixes to some minor PUBG bugs like the glitched 4x scope reticle when used with an SLR, and a fix for the delay between switching seats in a vehicle and being able to aim.

The biggest fix the patch brings is not yet available for testing, however. Instead, PUBG Corp. will roll it out before the update hits live servers.

In short, the fix takes care of a recently introduced bug that prevented players from being able to revive their teammates in some cases. The bug is the result of new anti-cheat code introduced in the previous patch designed to help the developer better detect revive cheats.

"We generally don’t mention changes of this nature in the patch notes because we don't want to give away too much information to cheaters," explained PUBG Corp.

MMR matchmaking, which groups players of equal skill together in matches, is finally coming to Sanhok. The feature has been available on Erangel and Miramar for months, but the developer elected not to bring it to the smaller map to make the experience more chaotic. This is now changing and will be going in effect soon.

This week's patch won't have as many test servers as you'd expect, too. This time around, testing will be available on North American, and Asian servers only. The former gets first-person solo and squads, while the latter has third-person solo, duo and squads.

Finally, the blog post included a message from the developer, acknowledging the studio's recent stumbles.

"We agree with the criticisms of the game that many of you have made recently, including comments that our efforts need to be more effective and that the game still needs more improvement," wrote PUBG Corp.

"Right now we’re developing new plans to resolve various problems facing PUBG, prioritising server performance, client-side performance, anti-cheat, and bugs."

The studio intends to detail these plans shortly after the PGI tournament, which takes place July 25-29.

"Our dev team is doing their best to make sure that our plans are well-laid out so we can announce meaningful and detailed changes."

See the notes for patch #17.1 below:


  • Improved off-road driving performance of the pickup truck.
  • The iron sight default zeroing for all SMGs is now 100m.
  • The crossbow’s zeroing will always be 25m even with a scope attached.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the wrong 4x scope (ACOG) reticle was used on the SLR. A cross type reticle is now used, instead of the chevron.
  • Fixed an issue preventing you from being able to aim right away after switching over from the driver’s seat.

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