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Dead by Daylight x PUBG crossover is coming this Halloween, with a "horrific event" and spooky cosmetics

As is battle royales weren't enough of a heart-racer.

PUBG is getting a harrowing new event this October (as is New State) thanks to a spooky new Dead by Daylight crossover event on the horizon. As part of this new promotion, players of all three games will be able to net themselves some fancy new cosmetics, as well as take part in some exclusive events. Is this better than going outside and throwing chocolate at children? We’ll let you decide.

Lets start with PUBG players. As part of the event, battle royale heads will be able to earn 4 costumes and masks, 3 new backpack skins, a pan skin and a themed name plate between October 19 - December 7. These are all based on Dead by Daylight, so you’ll be able to rep a selection of your favourite killers as you drop into the firefight below.

If you've not been caught up on Dead by Daylight, they recently added a second Resident Evil DLC to the game featuring no other than the notorious Albert Wesker.

In addition, there’s an exclusive Dead by Daylight hide and seek in-game web event that players can jump into in order to unlock some additional goodies. Four players can access it through the in-game lobby banner, where three survivors have to escape a killer in typical Dead by Daylight fashion: throwing objects and repairing generators in order to make their escape.

Players have from October 21 until November 7 to unlock a series of exclusive rewards from this web event, including a Dwight Unknown Lone survivor outfit, a Dead by Daylight themed spray, and a Nurse mask item. As such, collectors and fans of fears and frights will want to seize the opportunity to acquire this lush rewards soon.

On top of all of this, Dead by Daylight players can grab themselves some fancy cosmetics too. In-game items and collaboration crates will be available to killers and survivors from October 20 all the way until November 23.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Will you be logging in to sweep up all of these ghoulish goodies in October? Let us know! For more related articles, check out our Dead by Daylight codes page for additional free stuff, as well as our list of the best Horror games to play right now!

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