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PUBG's Sanhok map is getting a new DMR and a new vehicle soon

As promised, the new Sanhok map in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting exclusive weapons and vehicles.

Developer PUBG Corp. shared videos of the new content coming to Sanhok soon, confirming both will soon be available on the game's test server prior to their full launch.

First, we have the QBU, a 5.56mm DMR that's going to replace the Mini-14 on Sanhok. This bullpup weapon holds ten rounds by default in the magazine, expandable to 20 with an extended mag attachment.

Because it's going to be replacing the Mini-14, the two weapons share a nearly identical performance - with some exceptions. The QBU has a slightly higher damage per shot and a faster initial muzzle velocity. The QBU's biggest differentiator, however, is its bipod.

The bipod greatly reduces the weapon's recoil when fired from a prone stance. That said, the QBU doesn't accept any grips or stock attachments compared to other DMRs.

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The Rony is Sanhok's new pickup truck, able to seat four players. The vehicle is designed for navigating the map's hill effectively thanks to its suspension, but it's not clear if that means we'll be saying goodbye to the Miramar pickup truck currently available in Sanhok.

While not the Tuk-Tuk teased back in May, the Rony is nonetheless thematically appropriate to the map. This particular style of pickup truck is very common in the region, as well as at other parts of the world like the Middle East.

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Both the QBU and the Rony will be available in a test server patch soon, though details are slim at the moment.

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