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Semblance is about reshaping a "playdough" world to solve puzzles

Semblance is a platformer with "deformable terrain" that you complete by reshaping the world - and yourself.

If you think games have tapped everything the medium can accomplish, you may want to watch the trailer for Semblance. This indie game from South African developer Nyamakop is a platformer that you complete by stretching and twisting the game world itself.

After a strange disaster turns innocent creatures into crystallized obstacles and enemies, a tiny blob protagonist sets about collecting the items needed to fix the world. While the hero is vulnerable, players can ram it into walls, floors, and ceilings to stretch the map into new shapes. This can open new pathways, protects you from enemies, you lets you fling yourself to unreachable locations where the surface resets.

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And it's not just the game world you can change. Players can change their little blob's shape to bypass areas where changing the map isn't enough.

All told, this should be a unique game to play when it arrives this summer. Semblance launches for PC and Nintendo Switch on July 24, 2018.

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