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Ingress, the previous game from Pokemon Go dev Niantic, is getting a Netflix anime series

Niantic's 2015 AR smartphone game, Ingress, is getting an official anime series.

Netflix has teamed up with Japanese station Fuji TV to create an anime series based on Niantic's sci-fi AR game Ingress.

Variety reports that Neon Genesis Evangelion's art director, Takeshi Honda, is on board as the character designer, while Neon Genesis Impacts' director, Yuhei Sakuragi, will direct.

"The anime peers into the Ingress universe and allows viewers to see a part of that universe that is uniquely expressed," Niantic founder, John Hanke, told Variety.

The plot covers new territory outside of the game, but will have some overlap with Ingress' storyline, setting the stage for the mobile title's sequel, Ingress Prime.

“[Ingress'] story has continued uninterrupted since launch,” Hanke said. “That’s going to build to the launch of the Ingress Prime universe.”

Hanke says the studio has "learned a lot from Ingress" and Pokemon Go, and is "trying to take those lessons and make Ingress more accessible.

"Ingress is a deliberately obscure game. We want to make sure people can make their way through that and get to the actual gameplay. We want to make that smoother for Ingress Prime".

The anime will take place in a parallel universe to the game, and so Ingress players will see familiar characters and situations, "but they will be experienced through a fresh interpretation with new characters, new actors.

"Think of it like a reboot of a superhero franchise."

The anime will feature characters Makoto and Sarah, who are on the run from a third character, Jack. The trio are pulled into the faction war between the Enlightened and the Resistance, while trying to find out more about a shady corporation carrying out experiments on human subjects.

The mysterious corporation will also make its way into Ingress Prime.

Both the anime and the new game will launch this October.

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