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After playing with a blatant cheater, popular PUBG Twitch streamer Shroud gets 30-day ban

Shroud, one of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' biggest Twitch streamers, had a bit of fun alongside a blatant hacker on a stream over the weekend.

Shroud doesn't typically run with cheaters in PUBG streams, but he has been known to team up with some of his stream snipers on a frequent basis.

Teaming in solo games is a bannable offence in PUBG, but the sheer number of players that follow him every other game makes it very difficult to avoid them, even if he blocks his map on screen and doesn't give any clues as to where he's dropping before he does it.

However, over the weekend, Shroud's game was interrupted by a particularly enterprising cheater. After first demonstrating his powers by flying cars through Shroud’s building, the cheater asked if he could bring the streamer any items from a fresh airdrop.

A minute or so later, the cheater took Shroud along with Wadu, a prominent stream sniper and streamer themselves, into the next safe zone in his flying car.

Not content with breaking the game a couple of different ways already, the cheater used a wallhack to spot a player hiding in a house, which Shroud prominently killed after the cheater flew his car through the building.

Now, at this point Shroud knows he's obviously getting banned, and says so on stream. But he's also happy to have been along for the ride, calling it his best PUBG game.

Shortly afterwards, the cheater in question admitted that he sells these cheats for a living, which got Shroud to quickly interrupt him. That's pretty much the entire thing, which you can see archived in the video below.

Needless to say, Shroud was banned a day later. Although his main PUBG account won't be allowed to play for a month, he can easily create a new one if he wants to. He's fully accepting of his punishment, though. If anything, he sees the encounter as a reflection of the game's current state more than anything.

"I knew what the fuck I was doing," he said after getting banned. "It seemed like a great idea, but it wasn't a great idea."

PUBG Corp. is no stranger to dropping the hammer on the game's biggest Twitch streamers when it needs to. Almost exactly a year ago, the developer banned popular streamer Dr Disrespect for team killing.

Doing that earned the streamer a few days timeout, whereas Shroud's infraction was more severe, hence the harsher ban. That said, it's no secret that the game's top streamers enjoy a privileged relationship with PUBG Corp.

Both Shroud and Dr Disrespect have in-game crates bearing their brand, priced $10 each. Outside of directly profiting off the sales of these crates, it further solidifies how the pair have become the face of PUBG on Twitch and elsewhere since its release.

"It really goes to show that PUBG don't give a shit, because that guy should've been banned immediately," Shroud said after finishing the game. "[The cheater] ran into me twice ... third time I said 'I am gonna have some fun with him.'"

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