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It took a lot longer for Escape from Tarkov to add vaulting than PUBG, but it's coming

The ability to vault over objects is coming to Escape from Tarkov and players are very excited.

Escape from Tarkov, the ultra-realistic shooter from Battlestate Games, continues to dominate its own niche of extraction shooters. One particular element of the game, however, has always invited a lot of criticism.

That being movement. Soon, movement in Escape from Tarkov will greatly improve, thanks to the arrival of vaulting.

That is to say: the simple ability to vault over barriers, short walls, and cardboard boxes - something the game is getting more than six years after it became available. The feature was first revealed during a recent livestream, and the game's official Twitter account helpfully clipped it out for everyone.

The response to the news has mostly been positive, but some argue that the vaulting animation does not look like it carries forward movement momentum, making it look like the character is starting from zero when the animation reaches its end.

If you really want to see the volume of small details Tarkov players seemingly care about, you'll have to skim through the many, many responses of the news on Reddit. Plenty of players actually have valid feedback to share there, but there is a sense that maybe they're a little overexcited about the feature.

I have actually been excited about the arrival of vaulting myself, back when I used to be all about PUBG. That game, too, launched without the feature, and later got it in an update - though it did not take six years to materialise. I seem to remember the response being more mixed, though PUBG's version did, in fairness, offer many more avenues to use vaulting, and the feature was much more developed (supporting the ability to clamber/climb) which might be a little too far for a game as grounded as Tarkov.

Battlestate did not say when the feature will arrive, exactly.

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