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January 2008 Archive

    1. Codemasters looking for MMO GMs
    2. Arcana Heart for US release
    3. Bad Company and Merc 2 to ship in "fiscal 2009"
    4. EA financials: EA posts third quarter loss on record revenues
    5. UEFA Euro 2008 date set for both US and Europe
    6. Using Virtual Console saves you "$1,200"
    7. How to vote in the US elections: a gamer's guide
    8. Wii Fit still top in Japan
    9. Brash does Space Chimps
    10. Turok developer working on action RPG
    11. GamerTV hits record viewings
    12. How to use Skype on PSP: video
    13. Wireless Guitar Hero guitars dated and priced for US
    14. Tomb Raider Underworld details and shots
    15. Aliens "addicted to computer games", says scientist
    16. TF2 maps free for console additions
    17. Xbox 360 controller has best battery life
    18. Bioshock wins Game Critics GOTY Award for 2007
    19. Faces of War dev reveals new project: Men of War
    20. Black Lion shows Shadow Harvest
    21. Retailers say May 20 for Haze
    22. Koch gets S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
    23. Major Minor's Majestic March confirmed for Wii
    24. Euro PSN downloads for January 31
    25. EA closing down online racing from Burnout demo
    26. Platinum Games finds home on Facebook
    27. Nintendo console helps Welsh Alzheimer patients
    28. "More Portal for sure", says Valve
    29. Microsoft bungles Katamari demo
    30. US retailer Play N Trade coming to UK
    31. Codemasters "top 10 in three years", says Cousens
    32. Sony cuts PS3 sales target by 1.5 million for FY
    33. Check Mii Out Wii channel updated
    34. Full Sony Q3 financials: PS3 hardware sales up 195 percent
    35. Gardner named as Infogrames CEO
    36. GigaMedia to operate Warhammer MMO in Far East
    37. Profitable PS3 drives record earnings for Sony
    38. Wii Music for Japan this year
    39. Viral GTA IV marketing hits NY
    40. Smash Bros. launches: obligatory Japanese line forms
    41. 32 pages of Castlevania screenplay leaked
    42. "2010" could be Clash of the Titans game
    43. FFXIII details next month in US
    44. Assassin's Creed passes 2 million
    45. TIGA awards announced, Wilson replaces Hasson
    46. "No plans" for PC Halo Wars
    47. flOw confirmed for PSP
    48. UT3 mods for Xbox 360 unconfirmed: Rein
    49. Dan Houser says GTA IV is "sophisticated" and "organic"
    50. Major changes for Home, now for spring release
    51. Sony brands US 80Gb PS3 cancellation "rumour"
    52. Sixth Folklore DLC pack is final one, says Sony
    53. No Star Trek movie game from Bethesda
    54. EA confirms cartoon boxing game, Facebreaker
    55. Gamestrata looks to cross-platform stats
    56. New Sam & Max episode detailed
    57. Free-to-play Battlefield Heroes details
    1. Wii even makes it to Emmerdale
    2. 2008 split console first, PC later: analyst
    3. Army of Two graphic novel announced
    4. Silicon Knights to expand by 80 staff
    5. claims Bach GDC interview is "entirely fictional"
    6. SWOS cup for Connect 2008
    7. Chinese company rumoured for "Starcraft Online" license
    8. Vivendi shows over €1 billion in revenue for 2007
    9. Miyamoto planning "public space" server system for DS
    10. Maryland man blames games and "internet" for gang culture
    11. Poker Smash for XBLA next week
    12. Paris GDC dates set
    13. Pachter calls for unbundled Wii drop to $199
    14. Biggest UK games of 2007 revealed
    15. EA's third quarter expected to toe line, figures tomorrow
    16. Bizarre ad asks for shooter experience
    17. "90 percent" of US DS gamers use R4, says ELSPA
    18. Official Saw game site launches
    19. Shadowbane to be "reset"
    20. Cooking Mama franchise sales hit 1.6 million in US
    21. EA stock jumps after analyst upgrade
    22. New SFIV shots: ZOMFG
    23. More Just Cause 2 details and screens
    24. DS hits 1 million in Australia
    25. SOE boss to keynote ION, will discuss The Agency
    26. Kuju confirms first US studio
    27. Fatal Frame for Wii
    28. 1up actually owns Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    29. New Bourne trailer released
    30. Video games classed as art in France, tax breaks imminent
    31. Panini deal gives Girl Gamer "840,000 reach"
    32. Free Patapon demo for Europe
    33. Haze co-op video looking good
    34. Stringer casts doubt on in-game ad growth
    35. Home to reappear at GDC
    36. Beautiful Katamari demo releases on Euro Live
    37. 3DRealms "polishing" DNF
    38. SouthPeak publishes "games for their own merits"
    39. Load Inc. XBLA racer for summer
    40. Patapon dated for Europe
    41. Brash shows 2010 for first time
    42. Brash developing Saw game
    43. FFVII-related scan gets knickers in twist
    44. Immediate PSP Skype avalability confirmed for Europe
    45. Six minutes of in-game Tiberium footage
    46. Halo 3 most played on Live again
    47. Skype now available for PSP
    48. Burnout Paradise doesn't work without a hard drive
    49. Crackdown on "treasure island" UK pricing
    50. Europe to get PS3 Starter Pack
    51. 45nm Cell to reduce power consumption by 40%
    52. Amazing gamer pill in rubbish shock
    53. Cobalt DS confirmed for US in February
    54. Just Cause 2 to include flyable Boeing 747
    55. Iwata handled N64 Smash Bros. programming alone
    56. EB Games Oz flat denies Microsoft scrap
    57. PAX registration now open
    58. Slight slips for Ubi games
    59. DS Novel listed for Europe
    60. Mod of the Year winners announced
    61. Delays and shortages for Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    1. "Xbox dad" convicted of murdering daughter
    2. Too Human definite for GDC
    3. Writing Guild game nominees announced
    4. Spark promises Turning Point improvements after demo
    5. Spore could move into late 2008: analyst
    6. Housers' Rockstar contract "yet to be renewed"
    7. Take 2 shares jump after upgrade
    8. SingStore updates detailed for February 6
    9. CDV to publish Sacred 2 in US
    10. CoD4 beats WoW in US PC NPD data for December
    11. GRAW 2 co-op pack for Xbox Live
    12. Fragdoll interviews Lost producer
    13. Killzone 2 will exceed 2005 movie, says Guerilla
    14. Sony offering discounts to German HD-DVD turncoats
    15. Valve launches Steamworks
    16. Mikami starts news project
    17. Brain Training tops in Spain and Germany
    18. Rock Band gets metal in March
    19. Let's Yoga and Let's Pilates rumoured for US DS
    20. NPD corrects PC sales list
    21. CryEngine2 running on Xbox 360 and PS3 and GDC
    22. Sony Ericsson PSP phone - mental shots
    23. Take 2 stock pushed by '6 million-selling' GTA IV
    24. IGA to sell in-game ads for Burnout Paradise
    25. "Nintendo Europe release schedule" that may well not be
    26. GT5 Prologue date set for US
    27. Hazey date set
    28. Buzztime sues Sony over Buzz!
    29. Tiscali blocks CoD4 online play, among others
    30. Futuremark opens game dev studio
    31. ranking service launches
    32. Future revenues down 1.5 percent for the quarter
    33. Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3 gets 10/10 and release date
    34. Rock Band for Wii revealed by new mic?
    35. No plans for PAL 120Gb PS3
    36. Lara wins best mobile action game from Spike
    37. Ronaldinho "beamed" for FIFA Street 3 mocap
    38. "Xbox dad" awaits verdict in infant death case
    39. "30 game's worth of music" in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    40. New Ghostbousters details slime Web
    41. Ender's Game deal signed with Chair
    42. Burnout in UK number 1 paradise
    43. EB Australia spat rumoured with Microsoft
    44. Animal Crossing and Kirby for Wii in 2008
    45. MGS collection rumoured for PS2
    46. Gamecock to make Croteam announcement "soon"
    47. Super Smash Bros. Brawl intro movie leaked
    48. EA and Marvel quit partnership
    49. Wii Civilization Revolution "on hold"
    50. Wii attach rate over 8 for December in US
    51. Hal Halpin enters Fox nonsense
    1. Wii Fit number one in Japan
    2. Terrible Metal Gear Online video unearthed
    3. Huddersfield police use Miis to track Wii owner
    4. Guinness confirms US street date for games record book
    5. Wii Fit gets rumour-dated
    6. Parent Group ready to fight ESA's lobbying
    7. Russians get LotRO
    8. Gamespot names new editor-in-chief
    9. Rez HD and Chessmaster LIVE for Europe on Wednesday
    10. Itagaki snipes VF5 and Tekken, bigs up Ninja Gaiden II
    11. Codies MMO revealed as Jumpgate
    12. Virgin to launch 50Mb broadband in the UK
    13. Jack Thompson "OK" with Mass Effect
    14. Toshiba "disappointed" by Woolworths HD-DVD decision
    15. American PSP bargains hit PSN
    16. Kingdom of Fire to get MMOARTS sequel
    17. Someone bothers to call Sony about new PS3 SKU
    18. Tea leaf hides money in Xbox
    19. Nintendo shares drop 10 percent
    20. THQ signs deal for... mobile Playboy game
    21. US VC gets 1080° Snowboarding
    22. Far Cry 2 in March, says developer
    23. Super Smash Bros. Brawl to allow free VC trials
    24. Five exclusive Force Unleashed levels for Wii
    25. UK retailer Woolworths drops HD-DVD
    26. Treyarch gets CoD5, back to WWII?
    27. HD-DVD price cutting will only "prolong agony"
    28. CoD4 biggest game of 2007
    29. Guitar Hero "On Tour" trademarked
    30. Wii fitness trial "surrenders to laziest pupils"
    31. Euro PS3 chief notes "very rapid" growth in Mid-East and Asia
    32. Super Smash Bros. Brawl demo hits Japan - videos
    33. US mobile games market to "increase by almost four times" by 2012
    34. Microsoft claims record attach rate for Xbox 360
    35. Larger HD PS3 SKU to replace 80Gb version, says rumour
    36. New TF2 map released
    37. Delayed Phenoms to be shown at CeBit
    38. There must be more to Gerstmann “firing”, says EGM editor
    39. Circuit City rumoured to drop HD-DVD