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Hal Halpin enters Fox nonsense

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Entertainment Consumer Association president Hal Halpin has contacted Fox regarding the now painfully protracted situation over comments Cooper Lawrence made on the Network about Mass Effect's sexual content. Lawrence has since retracted her opinions after gamers "reviewed" her book on Amazon and destroyed its sales ranking. Fox itself has yet to make any kind of retraction for the "SeXbox" segment it aired, despite a request from Mass Effect publisher EA. Which is why Hal's got a bee in his bonnet.

"On behalf of the [ECA], the national non-profit organization representing American video game consumers, I urge you to correct and repudiate the misstatements leveled by Fox News’ Live Desk regarding the story and character interactions in Mass Effect," he said, writing to Live Desk producer Teri Van Horn.

"Your show’s reporting was irresponsible and incorrect. Your own 'expert' Cooper Lawrence has subsequently disclaimed her misstatements… In the future, we ask that you book real gamer and industry experts on your show…

"ECA’s members are disturbed by your news organization’s apparent disregard of the truth in this instance. We represent a diverse group that cuts across all ages, with the weightiest portion in the coveted 18 - 45 age group, and with women accounting for 38% of gamers. Over the past week, our members have mobilized to speak out and set the record straight on Mass Effect, and we ask the same of you."

We wish we were called "Teri Van Horn". Expect this to rumble on forever.

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