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Codemasters "top 10 in three years", says Cousens

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Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens has revealed vaulting ambitions for Codemasters growth in this interview, saying the way for the company is as a global, top 10 power.

“In terms of publishing I would like to see Codemasters as a flag barer in the coming year for the British contingent," he said. "I think today in any walk of life you have to compete in the global marketplace. As a global publisher I would like to believe that we’re hovering in the top twenty, with ambitions to be a top ten publisher within the next three years, but we recognize that this is a company with Eurocentric roots and we’ve got work to do in key territories in the world.”

America is Codemasters' main focus for 2008, Cousens said.

“In the coming year at least the focus will remain on the North American market. It’s the largest market in the world and so our product development strategy is geared towards the North American market. We believe that forthcoming products such as Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Grid will find great appeal in the United States.”

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