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UT3 mods for Xbox 360 unconfirmed: Rein

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Epic boss Mark Rein has said in an interview that user-generated mods for the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 - which still has no release date - is still subject to Microsoft approval. PS3 users have been enjoying the feature since the game released for the console last Christmas.

"Not yet but we're hopeful," he said, when asked if Epic was closer to resolving the issue. "Microsoft hasn't said 'no' yet, but then they haven't said 'yes' either. We need them to say 'yes,' and we need them to do it soon."

Asked whether or not he thought the problem was that Microsoft didn't want to "lose control" of Xbox Live over the issue, Rein said, "Well, yeah and we don't fault them for that. They've got a closed system where everything's checked, users know the quality of everything they download, and you know it won't crash your machine. User generated content - well, it can be dangerous, you could theoretically download a mod that uses too much memory and crashes your machine."

A release date of the shooter's Xbox 360 version is expected soon.

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