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Dan Houser says GTA IV is "sophisticated" and "organic"

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Rockstar boss has pointed towards a more mature iteration of Grand Theft Auto in GTA IV in a demo here, saying the upcoming title's plotline generation is to be a step beyond that seen in previous games in the series.

"We wanted to make the storytelling more sophisticated and more organic," said Houser. "We give you choices to really recreate the experience of an immigrant moving to New York in the present time and emulate walking down the street and meeting the freaks that you meet. It's largely streamlining and adding to the ideas that were there before."

"If the graphics are slightly cartoony, we make sure the writing is slightly cartoony to match that," he added. "Obviously, the graphics have gone closer to realism, so we wanted everything else to be closer to realism as well."

GTA IV will release for both PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 29, and is expected to sell over six million units in six months. Even the confirmation of the game's release date was enough to heavily boost Take-Two's shares earlier this week.

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