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New Ghostbousters details slime Web

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Destruction has summarised Game Informer's preview of the upcoming Ghostbusters games from Vivendi (Activision Blizzard, whatever), including this:

  • There are two, semi-separate ghostbusting projects at this time, one for a Wii/PS2 release, the other, grander effort being saved for the 360, PS3 and PC.
  • The big project is being developed by Terminal Reality, and has realistic graphics running on a proprietary engine. The focus is on the single-player campaign mode, and details about the multiplayer are still TBA. It doesn’t look good for we co-op PS360 enthusiasts, though.
  • The secondary release on Wii and PS2, developed by Red Fly, is a slightly dumbed-down version that will focus on multiplayer, and has cartoony graphics instead of the main project's realism.

There's also news of a gun that fires double-ended "snot" laces for sticking across passageways and the like. The mind boggles. No release date on any of this yet, aside from "autumn 2008".

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