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Miyamoto planning "public space" server system for DS

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In a Famitsu interview, Nintendo development boss Shigeru Miyamoto has claimed the company is looking into setting up "servers" for DS use to further blur the line between home and work activity, and has made mention of "work play technology", although he failed to expand on the subject.

"Once people can use [DS] in a wide range of public places, we could probably set up servers and create a good environment that links together play at home and play on the go - then work game technology into that," he said. "When you take your DS out on the town, you'll be able to do all kinds of fun things with it in public spaces. This year we plan to challenge ourselves with that kind of system."

The full interview contains interesting stuff about the thinking behind DS as a machine and even touches on GameCube and its controller. As ever with Miyamoto, essential reading.

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