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Cooking Mama franchise sales hit 1.6 million in US

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Majesco probably can't believe its luck. The Cooking Mama franchise, now a Wii and DS favourite, has acheived US sales of 1.6 million units with games like the original Cooking Mama for DS (September 2006 launch), Cooking Mama: Cook Off for Wii (April 2007 launch) and Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends (November 2007 launch). That's a whole world of cooking.

"The success of Cooking Mama has been akin to catching lightning in a bottle," said Majesco CEO Jesse Sutton. "A unique concept, iconic main character and gameplay execution that fully utilizes the stylus and Wii Remote have proved to be a winning combination. We appreciate the continued support from all of Mama's fans and look forward to launching the fourth title in the franchise later this year."

A sequel to Cooking Mama: Cook Off is releasing for Wii later this year. 505 handles Cooking Mama in Europe. No idea if it's been as popular over here. Maybe someone should ask.

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