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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Charcadet into Cereludge and Amarouge

It’s not as straightforward as you may first think.

How to evolve Charcadet in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet involves yet another unique evolution method, sans evolution stones.

Charcadet is one of the many brand-new Pokemon for you to swoon over or unfairly hate, and while their base form is less than impressive, Charcadet's evolutions are potent forces indeed - once you figure out how to get them.

Charcadet isn’t too tricky to go about finding, despite being rare, but the Charcadet evolution is slightly more difficult. Its evolved form varies depending on what version of the game you have. Scarlet owners can evolve Charcadet into Armarouge, while Violet owners will be able to evolve the fire-child ‘mon into Ceruledge.

Without further ado, then, here’s where to find Charcadet and how to evolve them into Armarouge or Ceruledge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

If you choose Quaxly, just know that I'm judging you.

Charcadet locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Rather handily, whenever you have caught a species of Pokemon, you can use your Pokédex to see the habitat of that Pokemon and locate it again. Simply open your Pokédex, select the Pokemon you’re looking for, and press ‘+’ to view its habitat.

If you’re still yet to find a Charcadet, you can check out where it resides on the map embedded below.

Charcadet's habitat shown on a map of Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Here's where to find Charcadet in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

We had the most luck in South Province Area Three, so you might want to focus your efforts here.

Charcadet is a rare spawn, with a 1% encounter rate. That said, eating a sandwich with an increased rate of fire-type encounters may improve your chances!

Pokemon Scarlet: How to evolve Charcadet into Amarouge

To evolve Charcadet into Armarouge in Pokemon Scarlet, you need the Auspicious Armour item.

To get the Auspicious Armour, you’ll need to battle with multiple Bronzor and collect 10 Bronzor Fragments. You can use auto-battling to do this quickly, and can find multiple Bronzor’s roaming around any ruins. I recommend heading off to Asado Desert’s ruins!

Once you’ve got all 10 Bronzor Fragments, make your way to the town of Zapapico, shown on the below map.

The player speaks with a trader in Zapapico in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In this town, find the small water fountain that has an elderly man in a pink shirt stood in front of it. Chat with him, and he’ll offer you the Auspicious Armour item in exchange for your Bronzor Fragments.

With the trade completed, simply give the Auspicious Armour item to your Charcadet, and they’ll evolve into Armarouge at long last.

Armarouge, the evolution of Charcadet, in Pokemon Scarlet

Pokemon Violet: How to evolve Charcadet into Ceruledge

For owners of Pokemon Violet, evolving your Charcadet follows the same basic process as Scarlet players, except you need a different item.

Rather than battle Bronzor and collect their fragments, you’ll need 10 Sinistea Chips instead. Sinistea can be found in abundance in South Province Area Six, which is by the town of Alfornada, where the Fairy-type gym resides.

Wait until dusk or nighttime, and you should be able to find plenty of Sinistea floating around just outside Alfornada.

After battling, or auto-battling, with ten of these, make your way to the town of Zapapico (shown on the above map). Then, head over to the small water fountain with the elderly man in front of it. Speak with him to trade your Sinistea Chips for some Auspicious Armour.

Once that’s completed, give your Auspicious Armour to Charcadet to evolve them into Ceruledge!

That’s it for catching and evolving Charcadet. While you’re crafting the perfect team of Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, be sure to grab yourself an Eevee, or Pawmo!

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