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Monster Hunter Rise Big Fin Location | How to find and hunt Delex

Here's how to farm Big Fin.

Big Fin is a somewhat elusive crafting resource in Monster Hunter Rise. It's an important component in several of the game's armour sets and for some weapons, and can only be found in one part of the map.

On that note, we're going to explain where to find Big Fin and how to farm it efficiently in Monster Hunter Rise.

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What is Big Fin in Monster Hunter Rise?

Big Fin is a crafting material in Monster Hunter Rise, used in a variety of weapon and armour recipes.

You can only obtain Big Fin from Delex, a type of monster that can be found in the Sandy Plains. The only way to collect Big Fin is by killing and harvesting a Delex.

Where to find Big Fin in Monster Hunter Rise

Big Fin is acquired by hunting Delex in Monster Hunter Rise. Delex are exclusively found in the Sandy Plains, specifically in areas 9 and 10, during Low Rank Quests and Expeditions.

Despite their size they can be difficult to spot from afar. They "swim" through the sand, and may burrow underground for a period of time before jumping above the surface.

How to farm Big Fin in Monster Hunter Rise

Delex aren't particularly strong, but they can be difficult to catch. There's not much you can do while they're underground, so you have to wait for them to jump out.

There are a couple of ways to make hunting them easier:

  • Observe their movement patterns, then cut them off at the next point where they're due to emerge from the sand. One hit will stun them, allowing you to kill them relatively easily.
  • If gradual observation isn't working for you, use a Sonic Bomb to force them to the surface.

When "farming" for resources, it's best to be on an Expedition Tour rather than a hunt. This gives you the freedom to grind away at your own pace until you have all the Big Fin you want.

Which crafting recipes use Big Fin in Monster Hunter Rise?

Big Fin is used in the following crafting recipes:

  • Delex Sail I
  • Delex Harpoon I
  • Barroth armour set (Coil and Mail pieces)
  • Makluva armour set (Cover piece)
  • Mizutsune armour set (braces piece)
  • Somnacanth armour set (Coil and Helm pieces)
  • Uroktor armour set (Coil and Torso pieces)
  • Vaik armour set (Mail and Greaves pieces)

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