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Halo Infinite player has recreated Skyrim's Whiterun in Forge

With a lot of time and a bit of graft, Skyrim and Halo Infinite are together at last!

Great news for both Skyrim and Halo Infinite fans, as one creator has gone out and brought Whiterun to the Sci-fi FPS using the in-game Forge mode.

We have Halo Infinite map creator Bullet2thehead9 to thank for this brilliant crossover, uploading the map to the Halo Waypoint website for others to download freely. He describes it as a “highly detailed recreation of the classic city of Whiterun from Skyrim”, further supported by how quickly you can pick out certain landmarks like the statue of Talos, the Hall of the Companions, and more.

Forge was added in the Winter Update, which you can see here

For those not in the know, Halo has always had a bustling community of map creators for as long as Forge mode was added to the series. For years now, people have been creating custom stages for community game modes, homages to other games with creations like Whiterun, time trials and obstacle courses. Now that Forge has been added to Halo Infinite with the recent Winter Update, we’re seeing plenty of these creations pop up again.

As of right now, the Whiterun map supports a variety of game modes but no bots as of yet. There are still some touch ups to parts of the map planned, but right now the town of Whiterun is almost entirely finished and open to explore.

Will you be downloading this map and giving it a go? Let us know below, as well as any other custom maps you’ve been messing around with! For more Halo-related articles, check out our breakdown of the Halo Infinite December update if you missed it, as well as the best games on Game Pass In January!

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