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Analysts predict year-on-year decrease for April NPDs

Analysts at PiperJaffray expect the upcoming April NPD report to continue a trend of year-on-year declines, with a 25% drop in game sales at $375 million.

As reported by Gamasutra, the analysts believe gamers are "exiting the market" for boxed, retail gaming in favour of "social, mobile and free to play" experiences.

"These activities include photo/video sharing and social gaming, all of which are activities that the current consoles and new handhelds do not support effectively," the report states.

The firm tips Mass Effect 3 as the month's best-selling game, along with Xenoblade Chronicles and the late-coming Prototype 2.

The report held some concerning estimates for Activision, suggesting sales of Modern Warfare 3 had not lived up to Black Ops the year before - a sentiment echoed elsewhere.

The NPD Group will release its regular monthly report on May 10.

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