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John Romero recieves lifetime achievement award

For his work on DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein and far more, the Galway resident gets a well-earned reward.

John Romero has justwon the lifetime achievement award, for this work on DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein and far more from his decades long career.

The award was given out as part of the Game Developers Choice Awards, which gives out prestigious awards to both indie and AAA games alike. As part of a developer-focused show, it's one of the most pretigious awards going.

What better way to celebrate Romero's legacy than playing Quake with a nude mod? If you asked him, he'd be cool with it!

After receiving the award, Romero said the following: "Thank you so much for this amazing award. It took a lifetime to get!". He'd go on to thank the fellow developers he's worked with in the past, the devs he's working with now, plus his family and friends.

Romero joins a truly legendary group of developers, including Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii, Uncharted creator Amy Henig, Double Fine's Tim Schafer and other illustrious icons in the game industry.

In addition to this award, the Game Developers Choice awards also gave Mabel Adis the Pioneer award post-humously. As the first female game designer, she will receive the award which honours breakthrough business, tech and game design milestones.

WHo do you think deserves to win the lifetime achievement award next year? Let us know below! There are plenty of legendary game developers who deserve recognition.

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