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Square Enix more interested in new games than FFVII remake

In an anniversary feature on Final Fantasy VII in this week's Famitsu, Final Fantasy VII character designer turned director Tetsuya Nomura said a remake of the classic PSOne-era game isn't the publisher's top priority.

As translated from Famitsu leaks by Andriasang, Nomura acknowledged fan demand for a remake, but said the publisher is focused on making new games which live up to the much-loved RPG.

Nomura did throw fans a bone in the form of a neat story from FFVII's development. Apparently optional party member Yuffie was planned as a wanted criminal; her appearance would change depending on which wanted poster the player had seen most recently when encountering her.

Although Nomura is considered something of a guiding hand for the Final Fantasy series since the departure of creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, and is the director of the vapourous Final Fantasy Versus XIII, he asked fans to trust in series producer Yoshinori Kitase as the new visionary of the franchise.

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