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The Secret World delayed slightly, Beta weekend roadmap revealed

The Secret World will be pushed back slightly from its original release date of June 19th to July 3rd, developer Funcom has revealed.

The change is designed to "place The Secret World in a more positive launch window" and is intended to be beneficial to the game's chances of success on launch.

Hardcore fans will still be able to get in a little earlier than that with early access starting on June 29th.

Funcom also detailed the remaining beta weekends that players who just can't wait for the release can participate in. The third beta weekend begins on June 15th and runs through until June 17th, letting players try out the Illuminati and Dragon starting experiences and venture into a new region, the Savage Coast. The fourth and final beta weekend will run from June 22nd-24th and will focus on the player vs. player experience.

Funcom have high hopes for the title after its first beta weekend had it seeing "higher player numbers" than their previous title, Age of Conan.

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