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The Secret World Issue #10 just a few weeks away

The Secret World's next major content drop is almost ready.


Issue #10: Nightmares in the Dream Palace is just a few weeks away, according to director Joel Bylos.

"It gives me a great deal of pleasure to announce that Issue #10 – Nightmares in the Dream Palace will be hitting the live servers very soon (in the first half of December)," Bylos wrote in the November Director's Letter.

The content update includes a mission chain giving new insight into events in Tokyo; additional Aegis shields with even more progression options; a bunch of extra characters; and a new area of Tokyo.

A patch will be released alongside Issue #10, with various bug fixes and UI improvements, including a UI editing mode for complete customisation.

Bylos also announced a seasonal event for the Christmas period, with the return of past celebrations in addition to an all new one.

"The Christmas Conspiracy begins with an invitation to a showing of 'The Magic Flute' at the Albion Theatre. From there you’ll find yourself drawn into a conspiracy that touches the lives of several famous historical figures and find yourself exploring catacombs untouched for hundreds of years as you race against time to stop the Phoenicians from stealing the very heart of Christmas itself.

"Everything in this mission chain has a basis in fact and the entire foundation of the story rests firmly on events that played out over a thousand years ago."

Sounds rad. A firm release date for Issue #10, the patch and seaosnal events will be distributed soon via newsletter and the forums.

Thanks, Massively.

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