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How to play movie shows off Resident Evil: Chronicles HD on PS3

Capcom Japan has put out a new 'How to Play' video for Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection, giving a glimpse at the enhanced PS3 graphics and all-new control schemes in action in the HD collection of Resi-based light-gun shooters.

Previously released for the Wii, the two titles - The Darkside Chronicles and The Umbrella Chronicles - sport a high definition makeover to their graphics and can be played with either the PlayStation Move or with a standard PS3 pad, making use of the SixAxis features to simulate some of the motion-based gameplay.

The video runs you through all that, letting you see normal gameplay in action. It's all in Japanese, but there's not much of a language barrier when it comes to blasting zombies.

The pair are arriving in Japan on a disc but will launch in the West as two separate PlayStation Network downloads. See the video for yourself below. Thanks, Siliconera.

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