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These PlayStation VR tutorial videos will help you get the VR ball rolling at launch

Instead of peeking out the window continuously on Thursday, waiting on the postman to bring PlayStation VR to your door, it might be wise to make sure you are prepared for the package ahead of time.

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Sony has released three tutorial videos which should make setting things up a breeze.

The videos cover everything from making the right connections, positioning the PlayStation Camera, and making sure the play area is the proper size without obstructions. You might want to shut the blind if the only place to use the headset has a facing window.

Sony has also provided a Tips and Tricks page, which touches upon even more important information. One entry includes a note on image quality. According to the post, when a VR game or compatible title is paused, the PS4 home screen will appear. When this occurs, the "image quality of the video output to your TV," is reduced temporarily.

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This is expected, according to the firm, and mage quality will return to normal once you exit out of the game. Just something to keep in mind so you don't freak out for a second or two.

If you give the link a click to the post above a click, you can find out more on screen resolutions, the headset's power status, 2D and 3D games and content, supported video input signals, video formats and more.

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An "ultimate FAQ" for the headset is available on the PS Blog, and it provides even more information on everything else you need to know.

PlayStation VR will be released this week on October 13. The headset will have over 50 games and applications available at launch with more VR and VR compatible offerings arriving releasing in early 2017 and beyond. Retail boxes of the headset come with a demo disc in all regions.

PSVR will run you $399/£349/€399. The US price is standard for those you already have a PlayStation Camera and Move Controllers. The bundles, which include all of the aforementioned will run you around $100 more.

Most games utilize the DualShock 4 anyway, so for some, Move Controllers aren't a requirement.

A bundle isn't on offer in Europe at present, but some retailers are offering their own version of a bundle.

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