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PlayStation VR bundles with the Camera and Move will be offered by region

Sony will offer regional PlayStation VR bundles featuring the PS Camera and Move at some point in the future.


Speaking with The Verge at GDC 2016, worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida said bundles will be created by region down the line, but for now, the base model release will be "globally consistent."

"There will be some announcements about bundles going forward before the launch," he said. "What we announced today is the base model that's globally consistent. Some people already own the camera, and many people already own PS Move.

"So as a base, we want for people who already have the hardware to not have to get a second that's unnecessary for them."

He never said, nor was he asked, whether it was a business decision on Sony's part in order to move more PS4 cameras and motion controllers off store shelves.

Speaking further with Tech Insider, as reported earlier, Yoshida confirmed bundles would be released in North America which will include the PS Camera and the Move controller. Again, he didn't say when to expect the sku nor did he offer a price point.

The $400 PlayStation VR will ship with headphones, cables and an external processing box for the PS4 console.

It will run you $400 and the required PS Camera runs around $60 or £39 depending on region. Initial pre-order stock is already sold out at various retailers.

If you aren't interesting in purchasing PS Move controllers, the headset works with the DualShock 4 controller.

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