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PlayStation VR, Camera and Move bundle coming to North America

Sony has confirmed a PlayStation VR bundle with all the trimmings.


PlayStation VR was priced today, but as previously reported the base package does not include the PlayStation Camera peripheral required to make it work.

Speaking to TechInsider, an unnamed Sony representative sitting in on an interview with SCEE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said "there will be a bundle in the SCEA region with Move and a Camera".

This bundle has not been priced or detailed, and there's still no word on whether you'll be able to get one without the Move controller - which is not required for PlayStation VR, since the DualShock 4 is capable of similarly detailed motion tracking thanks to its light bar.

It's likely Sony will be more forthcoming with this information, as well as availability in other regions, once details have been locked down closer to launch - after all, we still don't have an exact release date for the virtual reality headset itself, so there's plenty of time.

The fact that the $60 PlayStation Camera is an additional cost on top of the $400 PlayStation VR price tag has raised hackles among some gamers. Certainly Sony might have communicated this additional cost better, but there are a lot of PlayStation Camera owners out there who would have been royally annoyed by having to purchase another one, I guess.

Yoshida as good as told TechInsider that's why Sony isn't including the camera in the standard package, although he wouldn't give hard numbers. In case you missed that whole thing, the ability to stream from your living room using the PlayStation Camera resulted in high demand for the add-on, something that took Sony unawares and resulted in stock shortages - so there are loads of them out there already.

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