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Kojima to maintain producer role for ZoE sequel

Hideo Kojima has vowed he will remain as a producer for the Zone of the Enders sequel announced last week.

He said on Twitter he'd stay in the producer role due to commitments with his next big title Project Ogre. Kojima has been producer for the past two Zone of the Enders games.

Kojima will give direction on the planning of the project and its general direction. Anything else outside those will be handled elsewhere inside Kojima Productions.

Enders Project won't be too dramatic in terms of change with the feel of the world, according to Kojima, but noted there was two ways to make the game: the Japanimation SF Robot look of the first two games or real-world

Kojima said that due to Fox Engine's need of photo-realism, it was time for a "global, high-end Z.O.E. style", and that if it were to go down the Japanimation route, various aspects like budget, content and more would be aimed at a domestic audience rather than globally.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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