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"Blappeture Mesa" Half-Life reference pulled from Portal 2 DLC

Although it surfaced on YouTube last week, someone's now put together a handy website showing off a Half-Life easter egg in Portal 2's recent DLC pack.

Blappeture Mesa looks to be a fansite showcasing an audio file pulled from the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC which released today.

The audio snippet says:

"Cave Johnson, new owner and CEO of Black Mesa. That's right, you've been bought. First order of business, we're renaming you under the Aperture brand. I'm leaning towards Blappeture Mesa. Marketing boys think something else. So: Blappeture it is. Next, they tell me you people are conducting some anomalous materials research that could result in a resonance cascade. So I'm shutting that down before you idiots end the world. A resonance cascade. You're supposed to be scientists. Use some common sense."

Refreshing the page will randomly result in a Gabe Newell soundbite, too.

The site caused a short frenzy of excitement among fans before being linked to the DLC by Steam users; Valve is well known for scattering in-jokes and references throughout its games, and none has yet been proven to point to an imminent Half-Life reveal.

Thanks, absolutezero.

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