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Portal: Revolution isn't official, but it is an incredibly impressive-looking mod with an original story

Can't complain about a free mod like this one!

Those that are craving a whole new Portal adventure will probably be interested in Portal: Revolution, a big new mod filled with new puzzles and original voice acting.

We're probably not going to get another Portal game from Valve any time soon, but thanks to the series' modding community, there's basically an entire new entry you can play right now. And as it's a mod, it's completely free too! Set between the events of Portal and Portal 2, Portal: Revolution sees you as a new, unnamed test subject who's tasked by a personality sphere called Stirling to bring Aperture back to "its former glory."

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It's specifically a mod of Portal 2, meaning it has all of the sequel's mechanics like the paint that makes surfaces slippery or bouncy. According to the game's Steam description, "the campaign contains 40 brand new puzzles making use of new test elements and presents existing mechanics in a new way not seen in Portal 2." New elements include things like a laser cube variant, and a gel cleansing field, though how those work, you'll have to find out for yourself!

There's also a note about the game's difficulty, sharing that "Portal: Revolution's puzzle difficulty starts where Portal 2 stops, but fear not. All new mechanics and advanced portal tricks are taught to you. We have ensured through rigorous playtesting that every player can solve the puzzles. Although very few chambers require portals to be fired mid-air, no puzzles require advanced tricky movement." Sounds like if it's been a while since you've played Portal 2, you might want to hop back in for a refresher to be on the safe side.

As mentioned, there's voice acting too, which is always fun for a mod, and "depending on your experience with Portal 2 mechanics," there's about five to seven hours of playtime, which is nothing to sniff at either.

Portal: Revolution is available to check out via Steam for free right now.

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