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Portal 3 will have a "pretty awesome starting point," if it ever gets made

The game's writers do have an idea for a potential threequel.

Portal 3 isn't happening (yet), but in a recent interview the series' writer Erik Wolpaw did say he knows how it would start.

Speaking to DidYouKnowGaming, Wolpaw spoke about some behind-the-scenes information about both Portal games about characters like Wheatley and Cave Johnson, and cut content from Portal 2. Perhaps most interestingly for fans of the puzzle-shooter, is the fact that Wolpaw spoke about Portal 3, which to be clear doesn't currently exist in any material form.

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"Jay [Pinkerton] and I have an idea that we think is pretty awesome for what would happen, generally speaking," Wolpaw told DidYouKnowGaming (Pinkerton being the co-writer of Portal 2). "We don't have a script or any details worked out, but we have sort of a starting point that we like a ton.

"So you know, it's good we have this idea but there's a lot left to do. Someone's gotta think up some new portal puzzles! But we do have an actual idea, yes." Actually getting this hypothetical Portal 3 is another thing entirely though, as Wolpaw also spoke on the pitching process at Valve, or rather the lack-thereof of one.

"Us having that idea versus actually committing to making a game is a way different thing. It's not unknown, but there's no formal pitch process at Valve either. It's always kind of a grassroots campaign I guess."

The number three is obviously a bit of a touchy subject when it comes to Valve though (I'm talking about a certain game that rhymes with Calf Knife Glee). According to Wolpaw, the reason behind this is simply that Valve staff "just keep getting sucked into other stuff. Someday hopefully there will be a 3 of something.

"It's almost like the numbering system works against us," Wolpaw quipped. "Because we made Half-Life 2, then sorta made a 3, but it was an episode, so maybe that was just the luck of the draw."

In terms of what's actually next for Portal, fans can expect a revamped version of the original game with ray tracing, DLSS 3, and more when Portal with RTX arrives as free DLC next week.

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