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Criterion Games hiring for new arcade racer

If there was any doubt, all signs suggest Criterion Games is back at work on what it does best - high octane racing.

Just in case you thought the specialist studio might have decided to lash out into platformers or dance games, new positions vacant at Criterion games confirm the developer is working "on the world’s number one, multi award winning, arcade racing franchise".

The new game will feature "dynamic action sequences”, “terrifying jumps, insane crashes and epic car chases", which sounds quite a lot like Burnout. There hasn't been a AAA Burnout game since 2008's Burnout Paradise, although the downloadable Burnout Crash launched last year.

Criterion was also behind the successful Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which released in 2010 and seems primed for a sequel.

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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