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Monster Hunter World will recieve an 815MB day one patch which opens multiplayer, fixes bugs, and adds Poogie the pet pig

After months of waiting and three beta tests, Monster Hunter World finally drops this Friday.

When the game launches it’ll be accompanied by a day one patch which not only fixes bugs, but also adds a laundry list of features to the game.

Detailed by Capcom on their Japanese website with translations tweeted by head of the Monster Hunter Wikia, Kogath, the patch will unlock the game’s multiplayer servers, the ability to claim content via the Housekeeper in your room, add regionalised text languages and a gallery for rewatching cutscenes, as well as placing Poogie - a pet pig who’s one of the Monster Hunter series' mascots - in Astera.

The whole download will be a chunky, but not massive, 815MB.

As for the text languages added to Monster Hunter World v1.01, different regions will get different options. The Japanese version won’t have any additional languages added, but the others are as follows:

European version -

  • Polish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Russian

US version -

  • Brazilian Portuguese

Asian version -

  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean

Monster Hunter World is a deep game with tons of items to craft and collect. To help you along, we’ve put together guides to Monster Hunter World’s weapons, as well as all of the armour skills and armour sets available in Monster Hunter World.

The game will release on Xbox One and PS4 on January 26, 2018, with a PC version following later in the year.

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