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Latest Humble Bundle selection chosen by a crayon dog, includes BioShock Infinite and Beholder on the cheap

Humble Bundle seems like a weird place to work. Whatever, let's pick up some cheap games.

The latest Humble Bundle is another staff pick affair, but this time the staffer in question is a crayon dog called Scribble. Apparently she is our friend, likes scritches and made the company letterhead. I don't pretend to know or care what this whimsy pertains to.

What I do know is there are some great games in this bundle for very little money, which is coincidentally the amount of money I have left after blowing it all over the holiday break. Pay $1 or more for Tempest, LiEat and Punch Club, for starters.

Beat the average ($5.93 at time of writing) and you'll also receive Aragami, Beholder and BioShock Infinite. Six bucks for Ken Levine's arguably bloated, definitely problematic but also beautifully mind-bending adventure? That's a steal and it's not even the best game in this tier - just the one most of you will have heard of.

Finally, there's a premium tier for $10 which also nets you Shenzhen I/O, which looks suspiciously clever and is well received on Steam. There's also a rather slim $2 bonus Humble Wallet credit in this tier if you happen to be a Humble Monthly subscriber.

The whole thing comes with a couple of bonus soundtracks, and there are a number of Mac and Linux games, as well as a couple of DRM-free builds on offer. As usual, you decide how your payment is split between publishers, organisers (including a removable tip for us) and charity, and you can select a particular fund to receive your donation.

Well? Go take advantage.

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