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Fortnite guide to new map locations and all gold chests

With new players flocking into Fornite Battle Royale every day, we wanted to pull a guide together that provided an overview of each of the newly added locations.

Here we've detailed what the new areas offer, whether they're worth avoiding or heading straight to, and where their best loot is. We’ve also noted the number of Gold Chest locations, though we'll continue to update this based on their continued spawning.

Junk Junction

Gold Chests*: 1 in the Llama Pinata (on the hill), 3 in the main building, 1 in the outhouse, 1 in the yard (near the basketball court).


Situated to the very north west of the map, Junk Junction isn’t a popular location. While it’s sometimes the first port of call for many players as they leave the Battle Bus, it’s often fairly quiet. Unsurprisingly and as the name suggests, Junk Junction is filled to the brim with scrapped cars piled on top of one another, and is flanked by two buildings on either side of the central yard.

The main structure is a multi floored building which houses most of the Gold Chests (typically in the rafters on the top floor). Making any attempt to defend the building is pretty futile as it has multiple entry routes into it, which don’t require any door interaction. Players can jump on tires to leap onto the walkways, while the garage doors are open which lead immediately into the building. On the stairwell, through the central column of the building, has potential to bottleneck and even then remains fairly exposed.

Junk Junction’s outhouse, opposite the main building, is a little more secure as it has only two sets of steps leading up to it, with plenty of cover on either side. It’s often a safer place to land, rather than heading straight for the main building.

Why go here? Without doubt, Junk Junction is the best location in the game to acquire metal. As all the cars are scrapped, it also means that battering them won’t trigger an annoying car alarm. While it’ll still make a noise, it’s often easy enough to run around swiping at cars in order to gather on the move. Although the main building is risky, there’s plenty of Gold Chests in and around it to set you up for early game. If needed, you can also venture to the Llama Pinata on the hill for a reliable Gold Chest, and a good vantage point (with plenty of trees you can fell out of earshot).

Haunted Hills

Gold Chests*: 1 in each building, though Gold Chests have often been found on the cliffs to the east, and immediately to the south.


A little more popular than Junk Junction, but still a quiet location, Haunted Hills is a small area immediately south of the scrap yard. Under the shadow of a large cliff immediately to its east, it’s made up of a five or six tiny tombs and a large church. Despite the location having only a small number of Gold Chests, the lack of popularity in Haunted Hills often ensures you can grab one or two with little risk to yourself. Despite that, with only the church offering reliable and significant cover, there’s still an element of risk when looting. With many weapons often spawning in the open graveyard, you leave yourself exposed from anyone who has landed on the nearby cliff.

Why go here? Similarly to Junk Junction, Haunted Hills is an exceptional location for building resources. With the entire graveyard and its structures made of stone, it allows you to amass an absolute mountain of bricks: this will serve you amazingly well late game. The fact Haunted Hills isn’t popular, combined with several points of interest immediately nearby (there’s a large abandoned house to the south which often has two Gold Chests and an abundance of wood) ensures that you can kit yourself out in relative peace and quiet.

Shifty Shafts

Gold Chests*: 2 at the downed Battle Bus, 4 inside the location itself.


Probably one of the worst places to land in the game, Shifty Shafts is a nightmare to not only search, but survive in. Surrounded by cliffs on each side (it also has a high wooden fence around most of its edge), there are not only multiple routes in and out, but a variety of buildings across multiple levels. From the upper huts, to the lower mines, it’s a rabbits warren of tunnels and paths. Simply put, you cannot possibly cover all angles and it’s incredibly easy for others on its perimeter to spot you. While this does mean you can often find cover in a pinch, many of the buildings are rudimentary huts with limited space with few exits.

Why go here? In all honesty, I’d recommend you avoid Shifty Shafts all together but if you insist on landing there, head straight to the downed Battle Bus on the cliffs to the east of it. You’ll need to build stairs to it, or land immediately onto it, but it often has at least one or two Gold Chests, as well as a scattering of other items. Better still, it’s surrounded by loads of trees allowing you to harvest quickly and in relative peace. As is often the case with Shifty Shafts, the body count quickly rises inside the mine, but you can easily loot the Battle Bus, fell the trees, and be on your way to Salty Springs or Tilted Towers without firing a shot.

Snobby Shores

Gold Chests*: Potentially 15 in total, spread across all houses. The house furthest to the south typically houses the most (that’s the one with the guard tower and CCTV cameras).


Situated to the immediate west of the map, Snobby Shores is a fairly large area that contains five luxury homes. Nestled behind a large perimeter cliff formation that spans the entire length of the retreat, you’ll be forced to trudge around it, or build up to it to gain access. Snobby Shores is fairly popular, not just because of the fact it has a wide variety of points of interest around it (the single story home on the cliff opposite, some small houses to the south of it, and the football field to the immediate east), but also because it offers a solid amount of loot. With a significant quantity of Gold Chests available, throughout every home, it’s highly likely that if you land first in one of them, you’ll be off to a good start for the early game.

What’s distinct about Snobby Shores is that each house has a very unique style, with two of a modern styling and three being more traditionally. My recommendation is to always travel to the house furthest to the south (with the guard tower). Not only does it have a high brick wall surrounding it, but it also has a very secure entrance with only one way in and out. Better yet, it often has the most Gold Chests. If you can and once you’ve looted one house, it’s best to leave quickly before others arrive.

Why go here? Purely because of the abundance of Gold Chests, Snobby Shores is never a bad place to start. Unfortunately, its popularity combined with its close quarter environment means that if you don’t land lucky with a shotgun quickly, you’ll likely die to someone who has. That said, if you can land early and find one of the Gold Chests, you can often run away and head to another point of interest before you’re spotted.

Tilted Towers

Gold Chests*: At least 28, spread across its entire area with most evenly spaced out between each building.


Tilted Towers is, without question, the most high risk, high reward location in the entire game. Surrounded by cliffs on all sides, it’s a small town with around 8 buildings. Each building has a unique layout, has multiple floors, and are close together. With much of the town still under construction, only a handful of the buildings offer complete enclosure, with the majority having exposed stairwells or far too many exits to cover. Due to the sheer number of Gold Chests available at Tilted Towers, it’s incredibly popular and often descends into a shooting match within seconds. As it’s near impossible to cover all sides if you’re attempting to bunker in, you have to be incredibly observant as to where players may come from, or where a fight is breaking out. Many of the high-rise buildings are the riskiest, simply because you’ll not know where players are coming from when inside one, while a simple task such as running across the street can see you sniped instantly.

Why go here? Gluttony and greed, typically. The lure of huge caches of weapons and ammunition is the primary reason why anyone flocks to Tilted Towers. If you do find yourself the victor of early fire-fights here, you’ll reap the rewards. Having said that, it often comes at a price - near immediate death. If you’re struggling for equipment, or simply want to shoot someone in the face, by all means head here. If you’re smart and want to achieve Victory Royale, it’s best to avoid it until late game where the early frenze will have petered out.

* Chest spawns are random, so are not guaranteed. Typically you’ll be able to find at least one at a location. Listen for their distinctive sound!

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