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PUBG cheats have advanced to instant revives and instant heals

Why would a PUBG cheater use faster heals or revives when they can eliminate the competition with ease? Because they can.

Cheaters in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds seem to get more confident every day. What started out with typical aimbots and wallhacks, has developed into more elaborate hacks that ruin other players' day in some insidious ways.

Speed hacks, which give the player much faster movement speed, became a thing towards the end of last year. But there's another use for speed hacks, only instead of running, they can up the speed of other crucial functions like using healing, and reviving downed players.

Reddit user MagicIsBull had an unfortunate encounter with one of these cheaters. The player in question revived his buddy almost instantly, before healing up considerably a second later.

It would be fascinating if it weren't so infuriating to see. Cheats like these are arguably more of a problem than your blatant wallhacks, because they erode the trust players have in encounters, making them second-guess everything.

Developer PUBG Corp has said on a number of occasions that eliminating cheaters is its top priority. BattleEye, a service PUBG uses to detect cheaters, banned over 1.5 million. More recently, PUBG Corp banned 100,000 cheaters in one go after the developer identified a new cheating pattern.

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