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Destiny 2's Forsaken campaign and the Tangled Shore are going away

The culling of Destiny 2 content continues, and Forsaken is up next.

Bungie has offered an update on its unpopular plan to gradually vault old Destiny 2 content to make room for the new. Next on the chopping block is the game's beloved Forsaken expansion.

The developer announced that the Forsaken campaign and The Tangled Shore destination will enter the Destiny Content Vault (DCV) on February 22, the launch day of the game's next expansion: The Witch Queen. This also includes all of the Year 4 seasonal content, including The Presage and Harbinger Exotic missions.

The Dreaming City, however, will continue to be available as a destination. Not everything in Year 4 will be going away, you'll still be able to jump into The Proving Grounds strike, The Warden of Nothing strike, as well as The Battlegrounds activities. Bungie is also combining Battlegrounds with strikes in the new Vanguard Operations playlist, which will be available for free to all players on February 22.

With the Spider gone, all of his currency exchange will be moved to Master Rahool in the Tower.

To soften the blow a little, Bungie will be making the Forsaken campaign entirely free for all players from December 7 until the launch of The Witch Queen. The developer also announced the Forsaken Pack, which will be available for purchase on December 7 and will offer access to The Last Wish raid, the Shattered Throne dungeon and all Forsaken exotics.

Every Forsaken Pack will come with three Ciphers which can be used to instantly unlock a Forsaken exotic, so long as it's not a raid/dungeon-exclusive. If you already own Forsaken, you'll receive the pack for free on December 7, and if you already have all Forsaken exotics, those Ciphers will turn into Ascendant Shards so you can get some use out of them.

As for what's going to come out of the DCV when The Witch Queen launches, Bungie said the unvaulted content will include a classic raid, two PvP maps from Destiny 2, and another from the original Destiny. More details about those will be revealed later.

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