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Say goodbye to linear storytelling in Destiny 2, as for Year 11 Bungie plans to focus on "expanding our worlds and world-building"

"All of the content coming in Year 10 is the catalyst for what happens next in Destiny 2."

Savathun in Destiny 2: an insectoid queen, wearing a big crown with nasty bug-like shoulder pads, too.
Image credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 is currently in its 10th year, and Bungie has promised more for Year 11, but it will apparently focus more on "world-building" than linear storytelling.

Earlier this month, Bungie teased the future of Destiny 2, where there was absolutely no mention of Destiny 3, but there was a promise that "The Journey Continues" in 2025 with something called Codename Frontiers. It's still not entirely clear what that means for the shooter, but in a recent interview with Edge magazine (via GamesRadar) discussing the making of the game's most recent expansion The Final Shape and what's next for Destiny 2, a bit more light was shed on what you can expect going forward. Assistant game director Robbie Stevens explained in the interview that "all of the content coming in Year 10 is the catalyst for what happens next in Destiny 2. And some of those threads will carry forward into the future."

He went on to say that "the thing I really want to reinforce here is that we're moving outside of the linear storytelling – internally we call it 'TV-show storytelling' – of Destiny 2 to these more standalone experiences and Episodes that are easier to jump into, easier to engage in. So you don't have to have knowledge of everything that happened right beforehand in order to enjoy that story and enjoy that experience.

"A lot of that thinking about Year 11, and how we start really getting into the next journey here after these Episodes, we're going to be leaning on that thinking as well. Because we've been doing this linear thing for a while now, and we want to get back to expanding our worlds and world-building, expanding the universe of Destiny in general. And I think that's as much as I should probably say about it."

Essentially, don't expect big narrative strides, as it sounds like things will be smaller in scope. I don't know about you, but this certainly sounds like a good time to set up for a sequel. Stevens adds that Bungie has "big plans" for Year 11, and "ultimately, that will come," so it sounds like there's still some life left in the beloved shooter.

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