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Destiny 2 players witness very little during The Final Shape launch due to server issues

One of gaming's greatest struggles has reared its ugly head, as the expansion launch has found itself in rocky waters.

Official image for Destiny 2 The Final Shape
Image credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 players booted up the game en masse yesterday excited to experience The Final Shape expansion for on launch day. But while these guardians were keen to see the defeat of The Witness firsthand, they've been able to witness very little as error messages and server issues plague the game a full day later.

These error messages, labbled as CURRANT, CABBAGE, and WEASEL, point to varying issues. For the majority of affected players, error messages informing them that connection to the server isn't possible, booting them from the game or stopping them from accessing the game entirely. Other errors are kicking players out of story cutscenes, cutting them off from narrative beats in the game's climactic conclusion.

The official Destiny 2 techincal help X account has been pushing out consistant updates ever since the launch, informing players that ongoing investigations and fixes are happening. However, as of writing, these problems are still occuring, with the latest update informing the public that investigations into the root causes of these issues are still ongoing.

This, as you can imagine, has resulting in backlash. The Final Shape expansion currently has a mixed Steam review score, with many players using the public space to vent their frustrations. This is ultimately a tragic event for Bungie, as the game was a mere two thousand players off its all-time peak player count in the past 24 hours. It's also obviously dire for the players, who have been eager to hop into this expansion ever since its reveal.

First impressions count for a lot in general, and a buggy launch can have lasting consequences for a game's success. Here's hoping the team at Bungie can get fixes out there soon so everyone can hop in as planned.

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