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Far Cry 6 Seeds of Love - All Lorenzo's children locations

A family affair

Far Cry 6 The Seeds of Love is another Yaran Story in El Este, one with a substantial XP reward and a new charm up for grabs.

It’s also a tedious quest that sends you to nearly every corner of the province as you hunt down Lorenzo’s lost progeny. Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork already. Here’s where to find all of Lorenzo’s children in Seeds of Love.

Far Cry 6 Seeds of Love - Lorenzo’s children locations

Most of Lorenzo’s children are concentrated in El Este’s central farmland region around Sierra Perdida, so you might as well start there. You’ll face a different challenge for each child as well.

Seeds of Love Barrida child

The one in the far north is guarded by two soldiers, though they’re simple to overcome.

Seeds of Love North Savannah Fields child

Lorenzo’s son is locked in a house, but the key is on a table outside.

Seeds of Love South Savannah Fields child

This one’s a bit different. You’ll need to smell the flower in the objective area so Dani starts hallucinating. Lorenzo’s daughter appears, and you’ll need to keep following her until you catch up.

Seeds of Love Santo Domingo child

Bring a rifle with a good scope for this one. The room he’s in is locked, and you can only open it by shooting the lock from the opposite roof.

Seeds of Love Todos Santos Cemetery child

This is the far western child. Follow the sounds to a hut in the cemetery, where you’ll find one of Lorenzo’s sons dressed like a zombie.

Seeds of Love Flores Farm child

Pet the dog to have it lead you to yet another of Lorenzo’s lost children southwest of the Conuco marker

Seeds of Love Concepcion child

The last child is spraypainting a wall in Corazon Alley. After all of that, you get a new weapon charm and some XP - not one of 's better rewards. While it might not seem like much, but it’s a big step toward unlocking better weapons from Juan Cortez and his employees. Better weapons make exploring dangerous areas and gathering rare materials easier, and you’ll need all the help you can get when it’s time to infiltrate Esperanza.

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